Plating to be removed from large quantities of free-issue studs.

Buyer seeking manufacturing supplier for Machining-Grinding

This company seeks the assistance of a third party that can remove the plating from one end of an array of mild steel studs. These will be free-issued in large quantities to the successful supplier, meaning that the work may be best suited to those that have an automated process in place. The client spends over £300,000 a year in the subcontract machining sphere and could also request the assistance of the chosen vendor within additional projects, to run alongside this ongoing requirement.
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8 - North West and West Yorkshire
Industrial Machinery
Mild Steel
No Supplier

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Part No./Name: Size: Batch 1: Batch 2: Batch 3:
2 Smallest size: M6 x 10mm
Largest size: M10 x 115mm
5000 one off 10000 one off 5000 week
3 Smallest size: M6 x 25mm
Largest size: M12 x 85mm
5000 one off 10000 one off 5000 week

Buyer details:

31 - 50
Yearly Outsourcing:
Machining: 300,000
Fabrication: 15,000