Immediate order to place for 6mm threads, steps and landing plates

Buyer seeking manufacturing supplier for Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

Outsourcing an impressive £400,000 worth of fabrication and machining work each year, this company operates within the retail construction industry. They are looking to work alongside a supplier that can provide a fast turnaround on the attached mild steel threads, steps and landing plates which require cutting, folding, welding and countersinking . This is one of many similar jobs outsourced by the company in question and could pave the way to additional work once a relationship has been established.
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4 - East Midlands and East Anglia
Mild Steel
ISO 9001 accreditation is essential.
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project drawings available


Part No./Name: Size: Batch 1:
1 Smallest: 105mm x 313mm x 159mm
Largest: 158mm x 1650mm x 2536mm

Please note that the client requires quotes for 1 off set of parts. The number of individual components required per set ranges from 1 off to 2 off. Please refer to the drawings for the corresponding quantity of each part required per set.
1 one off

Buyer details:

31 - 50
Yearly Outsourcing:
Machining: 50,000
Fabrication: 350,000