£2.6million-spending pump & valve OEM seeks a casting supplier.


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Buyer seeking manufacturing supplier for Casting-Die Casting, Gravity

This pump & valve company spends an astronomical £2.6million a year across all subcontract engineering processes. They are currently seeking a second source supplier for the two attached parts, with huge annual quantities required of each. Suppliers are asked to quote their best price and lead time to be considered, paying attention to the material specification and the overall quality of the parts. This enquiry is not to be missed by those that are looking to supplement their long-term customer portfolio with big-spending names.

IMPORTANT: There is a non-disclosure agreement running with this enquiry. Please print this off, complete ALL sections, sign and date it and return the page to sourcing@qimtek.co.uk or fax 01256 394600. Once received, all drawings and documents will be released to your account.
Drawing preview. More drawings available.

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1 - South East
Pump & Valve
Improve quality/delivery

project drawings available


Part No./Name: Size: Batch 1: Batch 2: Batch 3:
1 Approximate size: 50mm x 45mm x 16mm
Parts are to be taken in drops of 6,000 & 10,000 off.
6000 one off 10000 one off 60000 year
2 Approximate size: 43.5mm x 55.4mm x 9mm
Parts are to be taken in drops of 6,000 & 10,000 off.
10000 one off 20000 one off 50000 one off

Buyer details:

51 - 100
Yearly Outsourcing:
Machining: 2,000,000
Fabrication: 50,000
Electronic: 500,000
ToolMaking: 40,000

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