Immediate order to place for galvanised bracket and plate.

Buyer seeking manufacturing supplier for Sheet Metal Forming-Fine Limit Sheet Metal (up to 2mm)

This company has an immediate order to place for the attached galvanised steel clamping plate and moulding bracket. This is an urgent enquiry with delivery required by 31st August at the latest due to them being required at a trade show. Quotes are required for 2 off each part, which require cutting, folding and a small amount of drilling.The buyer has stated this will also lead to ongoing similar work, making this a great opportunity to work with a new company with regular fabrication work. Delivery on time is paramount, as is a high-quality end product.
Drawing preview. More drawings available.

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1 - South East
Mild Steel
Urgent Requirement

project drawings available


Part No./Name: Size: Batch 1:
1 Finished size:
367mm x 230mm x 20mm (1.5mm thickness)
2 one off
2 175mm x 25mm x 1.5mm 2 one off

Buyer details:

5 - 9
Yearly Outsourcing:
Machining: 50,000
Fabrication: 50,000