Turning supplier sought for an immediate order of mild steel flanges.

Buyer seeking manufacturing supplier for Machining-Turning, Low Volume

This buyer, a manufacturer of vacuum excavation equipment, seeks a supplier to produce the attached mild steel flanges in batches of 20 off of each at this time. The client spends £100,000 a year on bespoke machined components and requests that interested parties quote their best price and delivery in order to be considered for this opportunity. They are currently looking to improve on supplier reliability and may wish to utilise the successful vendor's services within additional projects, once a relationship has been cultivated.
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6 - Yorkshire & Humberside
Industrial Machinery
Mild Steel
Increase Supplier Base

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Part No./Name: Size: Batch 1:
1 Ø 161mm x 375mm 20 one off
2 Ø 190mm x 375mm 20 one off

Buyer details:

51 - 100
Yearly Outsourcing:
Machining: 100,000
Fabrication: 100,000