Press brake tooling required to form 1.6mm thick mild steel.


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Buyer seeking manufacturing supplier for Tool Making-Press Tools

This client is currently seeking a supplier who can manufacture tooling to be used in a press brake to form 1.6mm sheet mild steel into terminal guards. The drawing attached shows the finished component that the tooling will form. Please note that the parts within the red circles are the sections required to be formed - the punching shown in the drawing will already have been completed at this point. This tooling will be used to make 1000 to 2000 presses at a time, with quality and tolerance being extremely important. The forming is to be completed with one single operation; tooling with secondary operations will not be considered. An order is ready to place, with an opportunity to manufacture further tooling for the client going forward.
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5 - South West and South Wales
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The material to be used is Hardened Tool Steel.
Please note that the tolerance is extremely important. Please see the attached drawing for further details.
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