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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Fabrication-Laser Cutting

    This is a new buyer to Qimtek, who specialises in security blinds. The company behind this enquiry spends £50,000 per annum within the subcontract fabrication sphere. They are seeking quotes on a new research and development project that they are working on, to improve the security of their blinds. Their ideal supplier will be able to produce these parts economically, with an emphasis on reliability and a high quality end product. There is an order to place immediately, with ongoing work available for the chosen supplier.

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    Machining-Thread Cutting

    This buyer - a manufacturer of sports cars, with an impressive annual spend of £500,000 on machining - seeks a supplier for the attached transmission stud. The component in question is to be made from S99G speciality steel and must be thread rolled - please note that a small amount of turning is also required. This is a redesign of an ongoing part and therefore, an order will be placed once old stock of the original design is depleted.

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    Fabrication-General Sheet Metal Under 6mm

    This company outsources over £100,000 worth of fabrication work every year. They have an immediate order to place for a frame header, top stiffener and fixing rail, which is to be fabricated from free-issue STRENX 700 material, supplied in a single 6000mm x 1250mm x 4mm sheet. This project incorporates elements of various fabrication processes, including folding, with quotes required for 1 off each part. Welding and finishing as shown on the drawings, is not required for this project. The remainder of material is requested to be cut into 2000mm x 1250mm lengths and delivered back to client along with finished parts. The ideal supplier will be able to produce these parts economically, offer reliable delivery and provide a high-quality end product; once a relationship has been cultivated, further projects could be made available in addition to this initial requirement.

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    Fabrication-Wire Forming

    Destined for end use at a trade show, these wire clips are to be made from spring steel on behalf of an award-winning designer. Quotes are required for 6 off to be delivered by the 23rd October, making it an ideal opportunity to fill immediate capacity.

  5. Drawings count: 6

    Machining-CNC Machining, Medium Volume

    Destined for use within immersion heaters, a new supplier is required for this array of ceramic components. The client places over £100,000 worth of work with subcontract engineering suppliers annually and seeks responses from Qimtek members with whom they can build a relationship. 500 off of each design will be required per year, with delivery of the initial batch needed early November.

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    Machining-Turning, Low Volume

    Quotes are urgently sought for the attached socket adaptor, with three different material options being explored. The client seeks this adaptor for end use within the construction sector and will value a prompt response from interested parties. Suppliers that can offer a short lead time will be viewed favourably; in turn, there may be scope for this enquiry to lead to further work, as the buyer places a massive £1million worth of work with subcontract machining companies annually.

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    Machining-Gear Cutting

    In a bid to return manufacture from overseas, this £50,000-spending company is looking to hear from UK suppliers who are able to provide a series of parts for a gear assembly. These designs - including bosses, spindles and spacers, along with the gears themselves - will be used within marine instrumentation. Specifically, the client requires gear cutting to 0.4MOD and seeks a high standard of quality throughout. The large quantities involved makes this a sizeable project and a great opportunity for the right supplier.

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    Machining-Milling, Medium Volume

    The attached flowmeter cover is required for end use within the defence/military industry. The client is looking for a supplier that has both the capabilities and the capacity to mill, drill and possibly bend this part, which has previously been produced via a casting method. The client spends a sizeable £250,000 a year on machined parts and has advised that there may well be similar work available for the chosen supplier moving forward.

  9. Drawings count: 2

    Fabrication-Laser Cutting

    Sizeable quantities of an array of laser cut plates and links is needed, on behalf of an electronics manufacturer with an immediate order to place. The overall quality of these parts is extremely important, as well as compliance with the material specifications. In addition to the immediate order, the client will require these items in similar quantities approximately two to three times per year. Their £80,000 annual fabrication spend means that there could also be scope to diversify into additional projects.

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    Fabrication-General Fabrication 6-15mm

    Fixing brackets, shelves and posts are required as part of a personal home installation. The client is looking for a supplier who can manufacture these items, as well as providing input regarding the overall design and optimum method of manufacture. A high standard of quality is essential. There is an immediate order to place for this work and those that are interested in being considered should make contact with the buyer directly to discuss.

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    Fabrication-Spring Manufacturing

    Best prices are needed for the production of a compression spring and an extension spring. Destined for end use within furniture, quotes are required for these designs to be produced in batches of 200 and 500 off of each. The client spends over £90,000 a year on bespoke fabricated parts and has advised that this has the potential to become ongoing work for the right supplier.

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    Machining-Thread Cutting

    This £750,000-spending company is looking for an approved supplier to undertake thread cutting of blank pivot bushes. These will be free-issued to the selected vendor in a batch of 30 off. The client would ideally like to receive delivery of the completed items within August 2018, making it a great opportunity to fill immediate capacity. Moving forward, repeat orders will be placed and therefore, this enquiry should not be missed by those who are looking to supplement their long-term customer portfolio.

  13. Drawings count: 2

    Machining-Turning, Low Volume

    This Qimtek member seeks external quotes for the production of an after cooler that is too large for their in-house machines. They require quotes for 4 off of two different sizes as part of a larger job for which they are currently tendering. The material can be free-issued if required. Quality is absolutely crucial within this project and interested suppliers must adhere to the specifications and drawings provided.

  14. Drawings count: 8

    Machining-CNC Machining, Medium Volume

    This manufacturer of medical equipment is looking to increase their base of machining suppliers. They currently have an order to place for a multitude of designs, including spring loader plungers, latch pins and washers. Various quantities are required across the set and it is imperative that interested vendors are able to offer a high standard of quality. The buyer spends a sizeable £500,000 a year on bespoke machining services and will order these items on a repeat basis, providing the successful supplier with an opportunity to boost their long-term workload.

  15. Drawings count: 4

    Machining-Turning, High Volume

    The client - a well-known company that manufactures medical devices and spends a massive £1.6million a year in the subcontract machining market - is looking to establish a UK source who can turn the attached wire and contact assemblies. Having previously been manufactured in the US, the client is now looking to reshore production of this design in a bid to reduce the associated lead times. The parts are to be made from silver and the project itself will be a great fit for those who prefer high-volume production work. This is an opportunity to add a prestigious name to your long-term customer base and it should not be missed by suppliers that can offer high quality and good value.

  16. Drawings count: 3

    Machining-CNC Machining, Low Volume

    A machining supplier is sought, on behalf of a £200,000-spending company that operates within the pump & valve industry. They have an immediate order to place for the finish machining of free-issue castings, which will be used to house a bespoke pump. The castings will be made from Duplex and it's vital that they are machined to a high standard of quality. The buyer is outsourcing this work due to a lack of in-house capacity and has advised that they will require machining of similar components moving forward, spelling ongoing work for the supplier that they select.

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    Fabrication-General Sheet Metal Under 6mm

    Having previously been manufactured in the USA, production of the attached vane is due to return to the UK owing to extended lead times. The client is looking to find a supplier who can adhere to delivery within four weeks of order placement, with quotes required in three different material options. The vane will be used within aircraft flow indicators, meaning that a high standard of quality is also important. The chosen supplier will be asked to undertake the requirement on a repeat basis, in order to fulfil usage ranging between 50 to 200 off per year.

  18. Drawings count: 5

    Machining-Turning, Low Volume

    The attached package of parts are new designs, for which a supplier has not yet been allocated. The company behind this enquiry operates within the pump & valve industry and places £150,000 worth of work with subcontract machining suppliers every year. They would like to identify a production partner who can offer a high standard of quality and timely delivery on an ongoing basis, as the components in question will be ordered repeatedly. Delivery of the initial batch is required by mid-September, meaning that this is also an excellent opportunity to fill upcoming capacity.

  19. Drawings count: 4

    Machining-CNC Machining, Low Volume

    Outsourcing machining work to the tune of £700,000 per year, this company specialises in the manufacture of prototypes. At present, they are looking to improve on the quality and reliability of the service they receive for production of the attached rocker arm, as well as the associated bushing and adjusting screw. Quotes are sought for 35 off of each part, which will be utilised within an automotive application. Those that are interested in being considered for this ongoing project are asked to make contact with the buyer directly to discuss.

  20. Drawings count: 1

    Fabrication-Fabrication with Machining

    Suppliers with a range of in-house capabilities are sought, on behalf of an agricultural machinery OEM with a yearly spend in excess of £150,000 on subcontract engineering services. They have an immediate order to place for the attached cone clutch lining, to be produced to a high standard of quality and delivered within four weeks of order placement. These are mainly fabricated, although the project itself does incorporate elements of machining. As well as their immediate requirement, the client would like to allocate repeat orders of these items to the successful supplier moving forward.