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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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  1. Drawings count: 4

    Machining-CNC Machining, High Volume

    With a fabrication spend of £800,000 annually, this new client to Qimtek is looking for a supplier to manufacture the attached bushel boxes and blackboards for the end use in a UK drinks brand. This buyer values excellent communication, high quality, as well as good value. This is an exciting opportunity to join the PSL of a large-spending company and should not be missed by those who are looking to supplement their long-term customer portfolio. The client is very happy to discuss the concepts and feasibility of this project. There is an order to place, with possible repeat business for the chosen supplier.

  2. Drawings count: 6

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    This client, a manufacturer of eco-friendly wooden products, seeks the assistance of a supplier to aid in the manufacture of a series of bespoke wooden notepads. The successful supplier will be required to provide complete manufacture, including drilling, etching/printing and wire-bending, as well as supply of lined paper inserts. Initial samples of 5 and 10 off are required, with larger orders of 100/250/500/1000 off expected to follow. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity to secure ongoing work moving forward.

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    Machining-Milling, Low Volume

    This client is looking for a supplier to machine 25 off upside-down hearts, to be inserted into banister spindles as part of a building project. A soft wood is to be used - for example, pine. The ideal supplier will be able to offer reliable delivery and produce this parts economically. The client has advised that this will be a one-off requirement, making it an ideal opportunity to fill short-term and immediate capacity.

  4. Drawings count: 3

    Machining-Milling, High Volume

    These milled wooden components are to be made from maple and form part of chopping board kitchen equipment for wheelchair users. Quotes are required for 500 off and 1000 off and the client has also advised that this could lead to future work depending on the outcome of product sales. The client is keen to place an order quickly with good lead times, so if a suitable quote is received early, the work could be awarded before the quote date is reached.

  5. Drawings count: 4

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    These kitchenware handles are to be made from wood - the suggested wood material to be used is lime, oak or beech; however, the client is open to suggestions should a better alternative be put forward. Quotes are required for 500 off of each half and the client has also advised that this may lead to an ongoing requirement depending on initial sales of this first batch. Therefore, it may be an ideal opportunity to fill long-term capacity. In addition, there may be scope for the chosen supplier to expand upon their involvement with the client moving forward.

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    Fabrication-General Fabrication (over 1 tonne)

    This OEM outsources in excess of £80,000 worth of fabrication work a year. They are looking to identify a turnkey supplier who can assist immediately with production of the attached stillage. The client is hoping to expand their base of subcontract fabricators and subsequently, the chosen supplier will be given the opportunity to manufacture this item - as well as similar designs - on a repeat basis moving forward.

  7. Drawings count: 1

    Fabrication-General Fabrication (over 1 tonne)

    This heating manufacturer, who outsources over £80,000 of fabrication work a year, is moving premises and seeks a fabrication supplier to produce assembly stations for their new workshop. Production is due to commence in early January 2019, making this an ideal opportunity for a supplier who is looking to fill capacity moving into the new year.

  8. Drawings count: 1

    Machining-CNC Machining, Medium Volume

    This buyer is looking for a machinist that can manufacture wooden parts. They have an urgent order to place for the attached wood rest, to be used within the manufacture of a wine rack. The client is open to supplier input regarding the best wood to be used. The first order is for 10 sets of 50 off (500 pieces total), making it a sizeable project with ongoing work available moving forward. Interested suppliers are asked to make contact with the buyer at their earliest convenience to discuss.

  9. Drawings count: 1

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    This client - a company that operates within the lighting industry - is looking for the assistance of a fabrication supplier that can undertake the cutting of a wooden profile. They have an immediate order to place and have advised that there is scope for additional work to be made available to the chosen supplier moving forward.

  10. Drawings count: 2

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    This international sourcing company is searching for a UK supplier on behalf of their Australian client, in order to provide ongoing manufacture of these wooden sections, which are destined for use in hospital and dental chairs. Owing to the client's location, the project will be required as ex-works. This client also spends around $500,000 every year on these sections, which are currently manufactured in China. In a bid to raise the standard of quality, the manufacture of these items is to be moved to the UK, making it an ideal opportunity for any company looking to increase their long-term buyer base. IMPORTANT: There is a non-disclosure agreement running with this enquiry. Please print this off, complete ALL sections, sign and date it and return the page to sourcing@qimtek.co.uk or fax 01256 394600. Once received, all drawings and documents will be released to your account.

  11. Drawings count: 2

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    This manufacturer of products for high-end restaurants is looking to build a relationship with a supplier who employs a high standard of quality. As a new company, they have an immediate order to place for a walnut service tray, having already sourced the handles. This could potentially lead to additional work for the chosen vendor, providing an opportunity to develop the relationship further.

  12. Drawings count: 1

    Machining-Machining, Large 1m Plus

    The attached post is to be machined from free-issue wood. It is a typical example of a range of posts that the client will order in a full set, in order to make a complete railway platform shelter. Spending £15,000 a year in the subcontract machining market, they specialise in product design and seek a production partner who can offer good quality and efficiency. The scope of work on offer is substantial and should not be missed by those that are looking to supplement their long-term workload.

  13. Drawings count: 2

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    Having previously machined the attached wooden dishes in-house, the client is now looking to receive quotes from external suppliers in a bid to free up capacity. These are decorative items which must be aesthetically pleasing, with value also playing an important role within the project. Once a relationship has been formed with the buyer, the successful supplier will be given the opportunity to undertake monthly orders for the dishes in question. The buyer outsources over £30,000 worth of machining work annually, meaning that there may also be scope to branch into additional projects.

  14. Drawings count: 4

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    A prototype fan is needed, to be fabricated and assembled from wood. The client is looking to work alongside a supplier who can bring good value and a fast turnaround to this project, for which there is an immediate order ready to place. Delivery will be required within two weeks of order placement, making this ideal for those who are looking to fill immediate capacity. The successful supplier may be invited to assist with the production runs that will follow, although please be aware that these are likely to substitute wood for aluminium.

  15. Drawings count: 2

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    The attached frame is a new design, for which an initial prototype needs to be manufactured. The client - a designer - seeks the assistance of a supplier for this work, as well as the large production quantities of 1,000 to 10,000 off that will follow. Attention needs to be paid to the quality - particularly that of the outside edges - with good value also of equal importance.

  16. Drawings count: 2

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    The attached boxes will be used to house loudspeakers, on behalf of a manufacturer of entertainment products with an immediate order to place. Outsourcing £100,000 worth of fabrication work every year, they seek a supplier for two new designs which are to be made from MDF and painted accordingly. Delivery and quality are of the utmost importance to this buyer, whilst good value is also a consideration.

  17. Drawings count: 6

    Fabrication-General Fabrication (over 1 tonne)

    A selection of plinths are required by a furniture solutions company with a massive £2.5million annual spend in the subcontract fabrication market. They seek price and lead time indications for these designs as part of a larger job for which they are currently tendering. This project comprises a number of different materials and suppliers are invited to quote for either the full package of parts, or the parts of their choosing. This will be ongoing work for the successful vendor, making it an opportunity to add a big-spending name to your long-term customer portfolio.

  18. Drawings count: 1

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    Having previously manufactured the attached bench in-house, the client is now looking for an external supplier to undertake the work moving forward. The bench needs to be able to hold 100kg easily in the middle and must be made from plywood, with accompanying wooden or plastic fixings. This enquiry could pave the way to ongoing work, as the client will require various sizes of bench throughout the year.

  19. Drawings count: 3

    Woodworking-Wood Fabrication

    The attached set of three parts form a drink flasks that will be banded together, hydrated and then toasted by the client. They seek production of these components in sizeable quantities, ranging from 200 to 800 off across the set. Exemplary communication and supplier input is sought by the buyer, who has an order to place for the work in question as well as repeat orders available moving forward.

  20. Drawings count: 2


    This design house requires a supplier to engrave a selection of quotes and game boards onto free-issue tables. The tables themselves will be made from treated pine and are new designs, with quotes required for 1 off of each as per the drawings attached. At this stage, the client is looking to receive price and lead time indications, with an order to follow in the near future. Interested suppliers are asked to express their interest by the end of the month, in order to be considered.