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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Sheet Metal Forming-Deep Drawing

    This client is currently working on behalf of a company who is seeking to develop a device that contains a consumable rod/pod (containing 'active material') to be heated through induction heating. The client would like to speak to suppliers who are capable of producing millions/billions off of this part. Deep drawings has been suggested as the best production method to meet demand, although the client is open to receiving quotes for alternative manufacturing options such as turning and tube laser cutting. **Due to the current health climate, we ask that you only submit a quotation for this project if you are in a position to fulfil the requirement.**

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    Sheet Metal Forming-Deep Drawing

    This client is looking to partner with a company who is able to supply the attached planters via deep drawing or pressing processes. Attached is an example of what the client is looking to be produced; however, these are for reference purposes only and the final design may differ. **Due to the current health climate, we ask that you only submit a quotation for this project if you are in a position to fulfill the requirement.**

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    Sheet Metal Forming-Deep Drawing

    This company is looking for a supplier to deep draw the attached pipe to the shape shown within the drawing provided. The pipe is stainless steel and will be used as an exhaust pipe for remote control aircraft. The buyer has suggested swaging, hydroforming or deep drawing as the best methods of manufacture however, any other suitable method is acceptable. Quote are required for 100 off for the first batch, followed by 100 off annually, going forward. Pricing and quality are of utmost importance for this enquiry.

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    Sheet Metal Forming-Deep Drawing

    This precision engineering manufacturer, who spends an impressive £500,000 a year on outsourced fabrication, is currently seeking an alternative supplier who can assist with the deep drawing of these lead components. The parts in question are required on either a monthly production basis or a KAN-BAN basis, although monthly deliveries are required in the described quantities. There is an immediate order to place, which is expected to be repeated for at least the next 5 years, meaning a new long-term customer for the chosen supplier.

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    Sheet Metal Forming-Deep Drawing

    This luxury desserts company seeks a supplier to aid in the ongoing manufacture of metal ramekins. Due to the nature of this enquiry, the quality of manufacture is paramount. As such, any material used must be food grade and will ideally be supplied with a non-stick lining or finish. This is for a new product line, with ongoing batches of 10,000 expected; however, the batch frequency is currently unknown and will be established directly with the successful vendor.

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    Sheet Metal Forming-Deep Drawing

    A supplier with deep drawing capabilities is sought, in order to produce a range of battery containers for end use within the aerospace industry. The overall quality of the components must be extremely high and the buyer will look favourably upon companies that can offer superior end products. There are large volumes of these containers ordered on an annual basis, making this a great fit for suppliers that are looking to fill ongoing capacity.