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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    This cryogenics research facility, who outsources approximately £50,000 worth of machining each year, is in need of a supplier who can assist with the immediate production of the attached housing shaft, which will require full-length boring. These components are to be used within their research equipment. Owing to the nature of this enquiry it is a one-off requirement with an immediate order to place; however, the chosen supplier will be asked to quote for additional, similar enquiries going forward.

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    This buyer, a manufacturer of electric motors and generators, requires a supplier to bore a free-issue EN24T test shaft. There is an immediate order to place for this enquiry, which may lead to ongoing work of a similar nature moving forward.

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    This engineering company has an immediate order to place for three lengths of stainless steel tube, these are to be bored to the tolerances shown in the drawings provided. These will be used in the manufacture of printing rollers. Quotes are sought for 20 off with repeatable orders of 40 off to follow once the initial order is completed. Pricing and delivery of is of most importance for this enquiry. The rubber shown within the drawings is not required, only the stainless steel tube section should be quoted. Owing to the urgency of this enquiry an order may be placed early providing a suitable quotation is received.