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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Machining-Turning, High Volume

    This is an urgent turning enquiry for the defence industry. The client seeks quotes for 56 off of the attached spacer runner for testing purposes, followed by September's production volume of 3760 off. The initial order is required as soon as possible and therefore, quotes from companies who respond quickly and offer a short lead time will be seen favourably. **Due to the current health climate, we ask that you only submit a quotation for this project if you are in a position to fulfil the requirement.**

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    Machining-Turning, High Volume

    Quotes are urgently required for the manufacture of the attached components from free-issue copper bronze. The buyer - a company that spends upwards of £50,000 a year on outsourced machining services - seeks immediate assistance, as delivery is urgently required. This has the potential to become an ongoing requirement, best-suited to suppliers who can fulfil similar orders every two months.

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    Machining-Turning, High Volume

    This company has an annual spend of over £50,000 on outsourced machining work and has an urgent order to place for the attached DC controllers, which will be used within electronics equipment. Quotes are required for either mild steel or bronze material, with price breaks of between 288 and 1000 off to ensure best value. Reliable delivery is crucial for this enquiry and pricing is also important. Either material using any grade will be suitable for the end product's use and therefore, pricing will dictate which material the client proceeds with. This enquiry will lead to repeat orders, meaning it will be suitable for those with immediate capacity who are also looking for long-term work from a new buyer.