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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    This manufacturer of appliance controls, who outsources around £70,000 a year in machining, is seeking a supplier who can assist with prototypes of the two attached valve housing components. This is a one-off requirement with delivery sought as soon as possible (ideally before February 1st), making this ideal for a supplier looking to fill immediate capacity.

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    Machining-Machining, Prototyping

    This manufacturer of seismic instrumentation, who spends a massive £4 million a year on outsourced machining, is looking for a supplier who can assist with the manufacture of these stainless steel components. Destined for use within pressure vessels, the attached cover, base and body are to be machined in batches of 1 off of each for use as prototypes. Once testing is complete, there is scope for the chosen supplier to be invited to assist within any larger production run that follows.