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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    This metal spinning company, who spend around £80,000 a year on outsourced fabrication, requires the assistance of a supplier who can manufacture the prototype design of this roller sling assembly, which - if successful - will lead to repeat orders for the chosen supplier. Supplier input as to best method of manufacture is welcomed and delivery is required within 2 weeks of order placement.

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    The manufacture of a selection of stainless steel components is needed, in order to produce a prototype fan assisted heater. Spending over £100,000 a year in the subcontract fabrication sector, this company has an immediate order to place for a small batch needed for a test build, with potential larger quantities needed at the production phase of the project. Good value is an important consideration, along with a high standard of quality. The work itself will involve cutting, folding, bending, rolling, drilling and welding; in addition, there may be scope for the successful vendor to build upon their involvement with the client moving forward.

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    A selection of sheet metal parts are required for a prototype build, on behalf of a company that specialises in industrial machinery solutions and spends over £100,000 a year on bespoke fabrication services. They seek a supplier who can manufacture these designs - including support ribs, flat bars and guards - in an economical manner, with delivery required by the 5th October. This could become ongoing work for the chosen supplier once the project reaches the production phase.

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    The attached set of parts and sub-assemblies, including rails, ribs and spacers, will be used within clothing irons. The client seeks a subcontract supplier who can facilitate a fast turnaround and interested vendors are asked to make contact with the buyer at their earliest convenience. The buyer's £100,000 spend on bespoke fabricated parts means that there may be scope for the chosen supplier to diversify into additional requirements once a relationship has been cultivated.

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    A new line of heating units are being developed, in which the attached outlet assembly and reducer will be utilised. The client spends over £100,000 annually in the subcontract fabrication arena and has an immediate order to place for the associated prototypes of these items for testing purposes. The work itself will involve cutting, welding and rolling of stainless steel. Ongoing production batches will also be made available to the successful supplier, once value and quality have been proven.

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    Assistance is needed with the manufacture of a prototype 'robot' arm/shoulder unit, which will be worn by dance performers. The company behind this enquiry seeks supplier input regarding the overall design and has an order to place for the working prototype, with delivery required by mid-March. Those that are able to assist are asked to make contact with the buyer directly in order to be considered; in turn, they will be given the opportunity to manufacture further units once the project reaches the production phase.

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    Suppliers that prefer to work with fine limit sheet metal are sought, on behalf of a company that outsources fabrication work to the tune of £20,000 a year. They require 100 off of the attached part to be used as prototypes, followed by further batches of 700 off at the production stage. This is to be profiled and then formed from 0.1mm thick Beryllium Copper, to create a spring finger type profile on the edges. The client requires a prompt response; therefore, please make contact at your earliest convenience if you can assist.

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    Two mild steel prototypes are required on behalf of a company who spends £250,000 per year on subcontract fabrication. These prototypes will be used for testing and production will be determined by their success - production batches are unknown at this stage. Should tooling be required, please quote separately.

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    Prototypes of a stainless steel part are required by an innovation & design agency, who seek manufacture of the component in question for use within a project for the medical industry. They are looking for quotes on 5 and 10 off at this time, for immediate order placement with the chosen supplier. There may also be additional opportunities available at a later date, once quality and delivery have been proven.

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    Fabrication supplier sought for the cutting, bending and countersinking of tread plates and floor plates is required, on behalf of a company that spends £38,000 a year on outsourced fabricated parts. The buyer requires these items as prototypes, for end use within the construction industry. They have advised that if the designs prove successful, it would become ongoing work for the chosen supplier.

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    This buyer, who specialises in the manufacture of lighting products, is looking for the assistance of a third party who is urgently able to produce prototypes of the two attached parts. They have an immediate order to place for 3 off of each, both of which are to be made from aluminium. The client will look favourably upon quotes from companies that can offer an extremely fast turnaround, with potential for future orders once the products enter the production phase.