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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    This company is seeking quotes for the manufacture of a base for an equipment jig, used within the motorsport industry. Although only 1 is required at the moment, more will be ordered once the prototype has been completed.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    This metal spinning supplier is currently in need of a supplier to manufacture the attached jig base, which will be used within their in-house spinning equipment. There is an immediate order to place with delivery sought by March 4th. Although this is a one-off requirement, the client often has similar projects which will be extended to the chosen supplier once a relationship has been established.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    This company specialises in temperature calibration and has an order to place for the attached tooling which, when in use, will create cement spheres to be used within a spherical furnace. Quotes are required for 4 off of each part, to be made from plastic - for example, Nylon or PTFE - or any hard wood. Other materials will also be considered if suitable. Accuracy of the internal measurements is of the most importance within this enquiry.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    This new buyer to Qimtek has an order to place for a new design of jig, to be made from Nylon. Once assembled, this jig will be used with PCBs within the electronics industry. Quotes are required for 1 off and the client has also advised that this will be a one-off requirement, making it an ideal opportunity to fill short-term capacity. Pricing, quality, accuracy and reliable delivery are all important considerations for this enquiry.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    This company specialises in global bus manufacture and has an order to place for the manufacture and painting of 3 different chassis frame welding jigs, which will be used to manufacture buses for the general public. The buyer requires main welding jigs for each of the main modules (Front, Centre, Rear) and sub-assembly jigs for the welded assemblies that make up each of the modules. Advice is also sought, including any suggestions to make the jigs as efficient as possible when the client manufactures the bus chassis. Pricing, quality and reliable delivery are all key factors within this enquiry and once a relationship is established, this can also lead to future jig work in addition to this initial requirement. This makes it an unmissable opportunity for large fabrication work from a large global client.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    This client, a manufacturer of eco-friendly automotives that spends £220,000 a year on outsourced tool making, currently seeks a supplier for the attached motor key adaptor plate. These are to be made from mild steel and used in the testing of electric vehicles.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    Destined for end use within the telecommunications industry, this fluted tip is to be made from H13 tool steel using high precision machining and wire erosion techniques. The client, a company that spends over £100k per year across all outsourced services, has advised that the ideal supplier will be able to complete all aspects of this work in full. This will be an ongoing requirement with similar work available once a relationship is established.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    This manufacturer of consumer measuring equipment currently seeks a supplier who can assist them with the manufacturing of jigs. These will be used within the in-house machinery of an overseas client. There is an immediate order to place for this enquiry, and although it is a one-off requirement, there will be additional, similar parts required from the successful supplier.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    Destined for use within the aerospace industry, quotes are sought for the attached fixtures on behalf of a metal spinning company that outsources around £250,000 worth of machining work each year. The client requires the assistance of a supplier who can undertake an immediate order, as well as additional fixtures going forward. Therefore, this is an opportunity to win a new long-term customer, as well as the project in question.

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    Tool Making-Jigs & Fixtures

    This company,a respected manufacturer of cast products, is looking to hear from Qimtek members who are able to manufacture the attached fixture base, with repeat orders available moving forward. These are required for end use within an automotive application. Owing to the clients impressive £100,000 annual spend, this project lends itself to those looking to fill both ongoing and immediate capacity.