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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Tool Making-Mould Tools

    This Qimtek member is looking for a supplier to machine the attached tooling from aluminium. Quotes are required for 1 off set of 6 parts which, when used together, create a resin mould. This project incorporates elements of milling and turning. Reliable delivery and pricing are both key elements within this enquiry, and once the supplier is found, there is scope for additional and ongoing work as well.

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    Tool Making-Mould Tools

    This client, a company working within the electronics sector, currently seeks assistance from a supplier who is able to produce the attached mould tools. These will be used in the creation of silicone membranes; each mould will have a set of small drilled holes in order for the silicone to adopt the shape required. There is an initial order to place for the two of sizes shown on this enquiry, with the possibility of additional variations also being required moving forward.

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    Tool Making-Mould Tools

    This company specialises in temperature calibration and has an order to place for the attached mould tool which, when in use, will mould cement spheres to be used within a spherical furnace. Quotes are required for 4 off of each part of the mould, to be made from plastic - for example, Nylon or PTFE - or any hard wood. Accuracy of the internal measurements is of the most importance within this enquiry.

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    Tool Making-Mould Tools

    This buyer, a manufacturer of carbon fibre products who spends over £50,000 a year on bespoke machined components, is looking for a supplier to produce the attached aluminium tools. This project incorporates aspects of milling and drilling and parts should be supplied with a high quality polished finish. There is an immediate order to place, with the potential for ongoing work to follow.

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    Tool Making-Mould Tools

    This company has an immediate order to place for the attached aluminium mould tool, this will be used in the manufacture of moulded composite components. Quotes are sought for 1 off, with delivery and quality being of upmost importance. Due urgent nature of this enquiry,the work may be awarded early should a suitable quote be received.

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    Tool Making-Mould Tools

    Quotes for a three-part compression mould tool are needed, on behalf of a manufacturer of vacuum lifting equipment whose annual spend in the subcontract machining market tops £20,000 a year. They are keen to establish contact with a supplier that specialises in the toolmaking arena and has the capacity available to undertake the work - a one-off requirement, which could also pave the way for future opportunities.

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    Tool Making-Mould Tools

    Spending a massive £500,000 a year on subcontract toolmaking, this company specialises in the manufacture of prototypes. They have an immediate order to place for the attached mould tools, which will be used within the production of expanded polypropylene designs for the automotive sector. Quality is the most important consideration for the buyer and once this has been proven, it could lead to additional toolmaking opportunities for the chosen vendor.

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    Tool Making-Mould Tools

    This coffin manufacturer requires temporary tooling for initial samples of a newly-designed bioplastic product. They are looking to work with a supplier who can adhere to their specifications and also assist with the tooling for various sizes moving forward. Those that are interested in this opportunity should make contact with the buyer directly in order to be considered.

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    Tool Making-Mould Tools

    Suppliers with immediate capacity are asked to quote for the attached cavity mould tool. With an outsourcing spend of over £100,000 per year on machined components, the company behind this enquiry specialises in the field of industrial heating. They are looking for the stated delivery date to be adhered to and therefore, will look favourably upon quotes from suppliers that can offer a short lead time. This is an ongoing opportunity, meaning that the successful company will win a new long-term customer, as well as the work in question.