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Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Casting-Die Casting, Gravity

    This startup furniture manufacturer is in need of a supplier who can assist with the ongoing production of the attached range of components - new designs for which there is currently no supplier in place. Quotations are sought for both the initial samples, as well as the ongoing production volumes that will follow. With an immediate order to place, this enquiry is expected to be repeated on a yearly basis, with the quantities/order frequency forecast to increase in line with customer demand.

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    Casting-Die Casting, Gravity

    This new buyer to Qimtek, who specialises in filming and consumer products, seeks a new supplier who can manufacture the attached sun glass frames. The ideal supplier will be able to produce these parts economically, with an emphasis on reliability and high quality. There is an order to place immediately with a supplier who can offer all of the above. The buyer would also very much welcome any advice and suggestions regarding the optimum manufacturing method. IMPORTANT: There is a non-disclosure agreement running with this enquiry. Please print this off, complete ALL sections, sign and date it and return the page to sourcing@qimtek.co.uk or fax 01256 394600. Once received, all drawings and documents will be released to your account.

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    Casting-Die Casting, Gravity

    Die casting companies are asked to provide a quotation for the attached package of zinc alloy parts, including spacers, latchings and push buttons, for use within outfitting retail stores. The buyer is a specialist within the retail and furniture industries, who would like to build a long-term working relationship with a Qimtek member for the ongoing supply of these items. There will be regular orders available for the supplier that they select, making this a perfect opportunity to expand your customer portfolio and fill ongoing capacity. It is crucial that interested parties are able to offer a high-quality end product at a good value.

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    Casting-Die Casting, Gravity

    Having previously had the attached chamber component machined, the client is now looking to receive quotes for this design to be cast. This is due to a volume increase, which is expected to rise even further in the foreseeable future. Price and lead time indications are required for quantities ranging from 500 to 2000 off, which reflects current annual usage, as well as forecast yearly quantities moving forward. Those that are interested in being considered for this opportunity - and who can offer advice surrounding the best method of manufacture - are asked to make contact with the buyer directly to discuss.

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    Casting-Die Casting, Gravity

    This company is a high-end consumer goods supplier with an immediate casting requirement. They are interested in building a relationship with a supplier who is able to manufacture the attached incense cube and ball as per the drawings provided. Once initial samples are approved, the client will look to order larger quantities moving forward, meaning that the successful supplier will win a new long-term customer as well as the work in question.