Qualified Sales Leads From Qimtek

Qualified Subcontract Engineering Sales Leads

Grow your customer base and fill capacity with a steady flow of live, qualified subcontract engineering leads from manufacturing companies who are looking for new long-term suppliers.

Supplier Membership: The sales platform for engineering suppliers who are looking to grow their business and fill capacity.


Buyers send us their projects, complete with drawings, and we qualify them by collecting all of the relevant data you need to be able to quote.


We will post new projects onto your online Qimtek account, where you can download the drawings and access full buyer contact details.


You can call, email or message the buyers directly, allowing you to build a meaningful business relationship.


The enquiries we send will allow you to get a foot in the door with potential new clients who have long-term business to place.

Book a demo of the sales platform.

If you would like to understand how our Sales Platform works, as well as the information we provide you as a full Supplier Member, simply click the link below to book a demo. We'll show you exactly how our Supplier Members use our service to win new business, as well as giving more detail about the individual features we offer.

Qualified Sales Leads From Qimtek

Qualified information to help you win new business!

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to win new business, which is why we speak with every buyer who places a project with us to qualify the enquiry and get you the information that matters. This includes:

  • Company details.
  • Buyer's full name, email address and phone number.
  • Preferred contact method.
  • Full drawings in PDF or CAD format.
  • Batch sizes and frequency.
  • Full project description.
  • Reason for the project becoming available.
  • If possible, how much they spend on the process annually.

We generate sales leads for a wide range of engineering sectors!

CNC Machining Leads

From initial prototype to full production, we can send you all types of machining leads and assemblies in a wide range of materials.

Sheet MEtal

Sheet Metal Leads

From laser cut blanks and pressed components, through to fully-formed parts and assemblies including brackets, enclosures, trays & more.

Fabricated PArts From Qimtek

Fabrication Leads

From individual fabricated components, through to fully-managed frames and assemblies that include cutting, assembling, welding & finishing.

Tube Beding & Manipulation

Tube Bending Leads

Manufacturing buyers send us low to high-volume CNC tube bending and manipulation enquiries when looking for new suppliers.

Plastic Moulding

Plastic Moulding Leads

We can help you to find new customers seeking plastic moulding suppliers for a range of services including injection moulding, vacuum forming and more.

3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing Leads

We receive leads from manufacturing buyers who are looking for prototypes through to full-production additive manufacturing services (3D printing).

laser cutting

Profiling Leads

Buyers send us laser cutting, water jet cutting and plasma cutting projects when looking for new suppliers.

Qimtek Sales Platform for Engineers

Track your leads, download drawings and much more!

Our Engineering Sales Platform is specifically designed with the busy engineer in mind, giving you all of the information you need to quote each enquiry in one place. This includes:

  • Email alert with every lead.
  • View a full list of enquiries in one place.
  • View and download drawings.
  • View company and buyer details.
  • Register your interest in a project.
  • Message the buyer directly.
  • View buyer reviews from other suppliers.
  • Build your customer pipeline.

We signed up to Qimtek in the middle of COVID and the national lockdown.  Their onboarding was smooth and quick, and we have won a couple new customers already.  Qimtek has been a huge help for us winning more work during such a challenging time!  In less than 4 months’ service we have already won enough orders to cover the annual investment.  We would highly recommend them. They are a friendly and informative service with a clear and concise website. A great avenue to connect with specific and potential new clients. Within a short period, we have seen a positive up-turn in orders thanks to the new opportunities created through Qimtek Ltd."

Managing Director of Contracts Engineering Ltd

We were very curious about Qimtek’s live lead service and decided to take the plunge and join the membership. We have successfully secured in excess of £170,000 worth of initial orders from around 50 new customers. Our favourite aspect of the membership is retaining control over the quoting process as it allows us to pick and choose the work we want to quote for and when, depending on our capacity constraints at that time.

General Manager at Premax Engineering Ltd

Rotec Engineering is an advanced manufacturing business serving clients from many industrial sectors including Automotive, Medical, Defence and Electronics. Our state-of-the-art production facility boasts the very latest CNC fixed head turning, milling, and sliding head machines, which enables us to provide customers with a rapid turnaround at highly competitive rates.  We initially joined the Qimtek membership in order to increase our existing customer base. 14 years later and Rotec have secured in lots of initial orders via the membership, with many of these customers, going on to place additional orders directly.

Sales Engineer from Rotec Engineering Ltd

The variety of enquiries that come through really suit our business needs. As a result, we’ve been able to form quite a few well-established relationships with buyers, who continue to provide us with ongoing work. The Qimtek team have provided us a lot of support over the years. Just one example, through our association with yourselves we turned over £3.5m with a customer last year that we found at Subcon 2017.  This year (2021) the forecast is for £6m. We would definitely recommend them to other companies!

Director, Warren Services Ltd

Deal durectly with the buyers with Qimtek

You get to deal directly with EVERY buyer!

We are so much more than just a lead service. You could see us as more of an introductory service, connecting manufacturing buyers with engineering suppliers. 

By providing you with qualified information, such as the annual spend of the buyer you are quoting, we are giving you and your sales team the opportunity to assess the potential of the company and their business.  This means that even if you do not win the initial enquiry posted onto the Qimtek network, you can still approach the buyer about alternative new business opportunities. 

Not only do we offer qualified sales leads, we also provide quality contacts from high outsource-spending accounts for you to approach, book appointments, add to your company newsletter and more.

Monitor The Qimtek Sales Leads

Keep an eye on the industry!

By setting up a Project Alert, you will be able to see exactly what sales leads are coming through the Qimtek system, helping you to assess the enquiries in real time. You select the processes & materials that are relevant to your business and when a buyer posts an enquiry that matches your capabilities, we will send you the details via email. At this stage, you will not be able to download drawings or view the buyer's contact details, but it will show you just how many leads you could receive as a Qimtek Supplier Member. 

  • View leads in real time.
  • Monitor work in your industry.
  • Assess the Qimtek Membership.
EFS BAnner

"We are happy to say that the opportunities provided to us by Qimtek have led to EFS securing two key partners, whose overall spend will increase our turnover by over £1million per annum this year (2021) and hopefully increasing in future."

Pete Hocknell

Engineered Fabrication Solutions Ltd

Frequently asked questions:

How does Qimtek generate their projects?

For many of the manufacturing buyers that use our services, Qimtek is the first port of call when they have a subcontract engineering requirement. The buyer will send us the technical drawings for their project, along with any relevant information required to quote, which we then pass onto Supplier Members with the capabilities that the buyer requires. In addition, we have a team of sourcing account managers who are constantly reaching out to new manufacturing purchasers, establishing relationships and ensuring that fresh companies use our sourcing service continually.

What happens if I win a job?

If you win a job through Qimtek, then that customer is yours to keep! Many of our buyers will put out smaller jobs to our members initially to test the water, before awarding larger contracts to them directly. This is the aim of our service - we want to match buyers and suppliers who go onto work together on a long-term basis.

What are the guarantees?

We guarantee to supply you with a steady stream of relevant engineering enquiries, complete with technical drawings and buyer contact details for you to quote directly. We cannot make any guarantees that you will win business, as we cannot control how you quote and how often you quote. However, we are always happy to offer advice on the best ways to approach each buyer to maximise your chances of winning a specific project.

Can I call and speak to the buyers directly?

Absolutely! We encourage our members to call the buyer wherever possible before quoting, as this helps to establish a rapport. It also helps you to assess whether or not the company behind the enquiry is a good fit for your business.

Can I book appointments or be visited by buyers?

Yes! We actively encourage our Supplier Members to set up appointments with the buyers, as this can go a long way towards understanding one another's setup and establishing a good working relationship.

How quickly can I start working on and quoting the projects? 

Once you sign up as a Supplier Member, you can start quoting projects straight away. We will even backdate any live enquiries that match your capabilities to your account, so that you can speak to buyers within the same day of joining the membership.