Qualified subcontract engineering projects

Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This company specialises in bespoke activity equipment and has an order to place for several new designs of aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel components to be used within tricycles. Quotes for each part range from 50 off to 500 off, with 50% of the order required in December and the remaining 50% required in April next year. The ideal supplier will be able to provide a high-quality end product and produce these parts economically; once a relationship has been established, further projects could be made available in addition to this ongoing requirement.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This client is looking for a new supplier to machine the attached fittings as part of new project for the telecommunications industry. An order for 1 off of each will initially be requested for delivery by the end of May, followed by an order of 100 off each fitting which will be placed in the summer. Please note that pricing is critical for this enquiry. Once quality is proven, this will then lead to an annual requirement of 100 off each fitting, with additional opportunities to be awarded similar work alongside this ongoing requirement.