Qualified subcontract engineering projects

Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    Quotes are required for the various spigots listed in the drawings attached. The buyer is looking for quotes for the annual volumes of each part.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, who outsources approximately £500,000 worth of machining each year, is in need of a supplier to facilitate the immediate manufacture of the attached studs. Supplied complete (including zinc plating) The yearly consumption of this part is 600 off Delivery – 10 working days or closest to it

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This client, a company outsourcing an impressive £500,000 worth of machining work every year, urgently seeks a supplier to turn the attached component, which is to be made from free-issue tube. They have an immediate order to place for the work in question and will require the parts on an ongoing basis. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for those looking to fill both immediate and ongoing capacity. Those that are interested in this opportunity should make contact with the buyer directly in order to be considered.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This company has an order to place for the attached turned bearing shafts, which will be used as part of roofing winches for the construction industry. These shafts are structural and so a cosmetic finish is not important. This project incorporates elements of turning and threading, with quotes required for 200 off. The ideal supplier will be able to produce these parts economically, offer reliable delivery and provide a high-quality end product - once a relationship has been established, further similar projects could be made available in addition to this one-off requirement.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This client, a distributor of power tools and accessories, seeks a supplier for the attached M14 extension bars, which require turning, milling and threading. They are looking to collaborate with a Qimtek member that can offer good value, as well as a high quality end product. There is an order to place with the chosen supplier, with further orders to follow moving forward.

  6. Drawings count: 2

    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    Machining of carbon steel plate compactors is required, on behalf of a company that outsources over £100,000 worth of machining work every year. The most important aspects for this company are flexibility and reliability, in order to manufacture the attached mild steel lifting tubes with emphasis on a high-quality, durable end product. Ideally, they are keen to hear from suppliers who are situated within a 50 mile radius. There is an order to place with the chosen supplier, who can fulfil all of the above.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    Specialising in the manufacture of pressure vessels and storage tanks, this buyer - who spends £30,000 a year on bespoke machined components - is looking for a UK supplier who can assist with the ongoing manufacture of the attached guide stem in three different materials, with both turning and drilling processes required. The part in question is currently sourced from China and now the buyer is looking to improve the associated lead times.

  8. Drawings count: 3

    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    Due to a lack of in-house capacity, this buyer seeks a machinist to manufacture a series of roller axles, link pins and wheel spacers, for end use within industrial machinery. There is an order to place and similar projects will be made available to the successful supplier.