Qualified subcontract engineering projects

Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This machinist is currently reaching capacity and is interested in finding a supplier who can assist with the internal threading of the attached stainless steel bars. With an immediate order to place for this enquiry, the buyer has indicated that this is to be repeated in similar quantities on a quarterly basis going forward.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This manufacturer of special purpose machinery currently seeks the assistance of a turning supplier who is able to produce the attached set of stainless steel converters. There is an immediate order to place for this enquiry, which has the potential to develop into an ongoing requirement moving forward.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This client, a manufacturer of forklift trucks who spends over £1million on bespoke machined components annually, seeks a supplier with the capacity to mill, drill, turn and chamfer the attached items. There is both immediate and ongoing orders to place, making this is an excellent opportunity to add a big-spending client to your customer base.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    Medium volumes of stainless steel and aluminium adaptor pins are currently sought for manufacture, by a company that spends an impressive £500,000 a year on bespoke machined parts. They are looking to establish contact with Qimtek members whose machines are set up for production work & can offer an urgent leadtime of 5/7 days. This is a one-off requirement, meaning that it may be best suited to suppliers with immediate capacity to fill; however, the chosen company may be invited to assist with additional projects in future.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    This company specialise in the manufacture of bespoke hydraulic cylinders and spends £20,000 on subcontract machining every year. They have an order to place for the manufacture of an arm assembly boss, with elements of turning, drilling and reaming required. This design is to be manufactured from stainless steel, with two different grades to be considered.

  6. Drawings count: 2

    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    An insert and a pole support are needed in batches of 40 and 160 off respectively, for end use within a project for the medical sector. These designs are to be made from a combination of mild steel and stainless steel, with quality forming a critical part of this project. The successful supplier will be given the opportunity to manufacture an additional 30 designs, meaning that there is plenty of scope for the relationship to be developed further.

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    Machining-Turning, Medium Volume

    A manufacturer of material handling equipment, who spends a massive £1million a year on outsourced machining services, is looking to collaborate with a third party for production of the attached spacer. The client is currently looking to allocate a supplier for this new design and subsequently, they seek quotes for it to be turned from stainless steel. There is an ongoing demand for this part and the buyer would like to hear from new suppliers that are able to facilitate its long-term supply.