Qualified subcontract engineering projects

Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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  1. Drawings count: 2

    Extrusions-Machining of Extrusions

    This design house seeks a supplier who can assist with the manufacture of some aluminium "L rails". It is thought that this may be manufactured from an off-the-shelf extrusion; therefore, work would involve the machining of all details and a selection of finishes. This is a new design for the consumer products sector, which - should it prove popular - will become an ongoing requirement for the successful supplier.

  2. Drawings count: 4


    This company is looking for tooling and a large annual quantity of aluminium extrusions with anodised finish, for a brand new project which is still at the concept stage. Typical costs for all the parts are required at this time, before the project is agreed to commence. Upon commencement of production, this will lead to significant quantities to be ordered on an annual basis, making it an ideal opportunity to fill long-term capacity.

  3. Drawings count: 2


    A UK based extrusion supplier is sought by a company that manufactures material handling conveyor systems. This work is returning from overseas and as such, some supplier input into the best method of manufacture may be required. The ideal supplier will be able to offer good value, whilst retaining a high quality end product. Although there is no immediate order to place, The buyer has advised that this will be an ongoing requirement once confirmed.

  4. Drawings count: 1


    Arches are to be formed from mild steel extrusion, on behalf of a company that specialises in architectural metalwork solutions. They require these items to be manufactured economically, with each arch comprised of three different pieces. There are six different sizes of arch in total - these are new designs which will be a good fit for those with immediate capacity to fill.

  5. Drawings count: 1


    This manufacturer of navigation equipment is looking to receive quotes for a newly-designed receiver housing, as well as the applicable tooling. They have an immediate order to place for 3 off samples, which will be followed by annual orders of 200 off. The client is looking to work with a flexible supplier who can accommodate any changes to the design as required, with ISO 9001 accreditation also an advantage. Those that are interested in being considered for this project are asked to make contact with the buyer directly to discuss.

  6. Drawings count: 2

    Plastic & Rubber-Plastic & rubber extrusion

    This manufacturer of hand tools is looking for a production partner to extrude two different rubber lengths on their behalf. Up to 3,000 off of each length will be required annually once full production is underway and it is imperative that suppliers are able to work to the guideline prices specified, as well as offering an ongoing standard of quality. The lengths will be used within lifting tools, comprising a portion of the £40,000 that the client spends annually on bespoke plastic and rubber parts.

  7. Drawings count: 1


    This industrial machinery OEM is looking for a long-term supplier that can cold draw or extrude 30 metres of the attached part annually in 3 metre lengths. Their last stock order is running low, meaning that they will have a requirement for this part in the near future. A high standard of quality is essential within this project.

  8. Drawings count: 3


    The attached components are to be extruded, ready for end use within an automotive application. The company behind this enquiry is looking for up to 12,000 off per annum, with thirteen additional designs also required moving forward. This is a huge opportunity that should not be missed by those that are looking to supplement their long-term customer portfolio.

  9. Drawings count: 3


    This company requires quotes for the attached extrusions, which will be utilised within a construction application. The client requires a fast turnaround on the parts in question, although their expectations are realistic in terms of time allowances to source tooling etc. Suppliers with the necessary capabilities are asked to make contact with the buyer directly; in turn, they may also be considered for additional requirements, as the client spends over £50,000 annually in this field.

  10. Drawings count: 5


    A production partner is sought by a design house, in order to extrude, weld and anodise a wine cooler from aluminium. They would like to receive quotes for large quantities of this item, as it is expected that orders will increase in both size and frequency over time. Ideally, the client is keen to work with a supplier that is able to offer advice surrounding the best method of manufacture, whilst also providing an aesthetically pleasing end product. Those that would like to be considered for the opportunity are asked to make contact with the buyer directly, quoting best price and lead time.

  11. Drawings count: 1


    This security construction company is looking for a supplier who can extrude two different designs in two different lengths. They would like to identify a supplier who can undertake regular orders on their behalf, making this project especially well-suited to those that are looking to supplement their long-term workload. Quotes will be favoured from vendors who are able to adhere to the delivery schedule specified, and interested parties are asked to make contact at their earliest convenience in order to be considered.

  12. Drawings count: 1


    This marine buyer is looking to receive quotes for the extrusion and finish machining of aluminium sleeves - parts that are destined for electronics purposes. This item has previously been sourced from overseas, but now the client is keen to reshore production to the UK. Quotes are sought for a variety of price breaks, as well as for the applicable tooling. The ongoing nature of the project makes this an opportunity to win a new long-term customer, as well as the work in question.

  13. Drawings count: 3


    Suppliers with extrusion capabilities are asked to provide a quotation for the attached straight duct. This item is to be made from aluminium in accordance with the drawings provided. The client is currently tendering for the work in question and if successful, they will place an order for the initial prototypes, as well as the large production volumes to follow.

  14. Drawings count: 1


    The attached set of extrusions are normally ordered in batches of 300kg; however, at this stage, the client requests that interested suppliers indicate - and quote for - their minimum order quantity of each part. They spend £30,000 per year on casting processes and require the assistance of a Qimtek member that can provide the applicable tooling, as well as the extrusions themselves. Having previously sourced extrusions from overseas, they would now like to work with a UK supplier moving forward, meaning that additional projects may also be extended to the chosen vendor.

  15. Drawings count: 8

    Plastic & Rubber-Plastic & rubber extrusion

    Suppliers with the in-house capabilities to produce a set of plastic & rubber extrusions are asked to make contact with this buyer - a prototype manufacturer - to discuss the opportunity. They require quotes ranging from 50 to 100 off of each component, as part of a larger job for which they are currently tendering. The company in question spends an impressive £700,000 a year on bespoke plastic and rubber parts, making this an opportunity to add a big-spending name to your customer portfolio.

  16. Drawings count: 4

    Plastic & Rubber-Plastic & rubber extrusion

    Having previously had the attached package of parts made from aluminium, this manufacturer of thermal equipment now seeks quotes for them to be extruded from plastic. At this stage, they are looking to order prototypes of each component for testing purposes; once this is complete, larger quantities will be sought as the project moves into the production phase.

  17. Drawings count: 7

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    Having previously had the attached designs extruded, this manufacturer of medical analysis equipment is now looking to have them injection moulded from plastic. They seek the assistance of a supplier that is able to produce the necessary drawings and guidance, as well as the components themselves. Interested vendors will need to have the required approvals in place to be considered. Moving forward, the buyer will look to place annual orders with the supplier that they select.

  18. Drawings count: 1

    Tool Making-Dies

    This company is looking for a supplier to manufacture a female elbow die, to be used within pipe extrusion. The client has an immediate order to place for the die in question, which is to be manufactured from tool steel. Owing to their £100,000 yearly spend on toolmaking processes, this project could lead to diversification into additional opportunities for the chosen supplier.

  19. Drawings count: 3

    Plastic & Rubber-Plastic & rubber extrusion

    Quotes are currently sought for the attached guard - a component that will be utilised within an industrial clamp. Having previously had this item manufactured overseas, the client is now looking for a UK supplier to undertake monthly orders moving forward. Those that are interested in this opportunity should contact the buyer directly to discuss; in turn, they may also be considered for additional projects.

  20. Drawings count: 1


    The attached set of parts are to be manufactured, ready for end use within a construction application. Outsourcing over £250,000 worth of work every year, this company is looking for the items in question to be produced complete to the drawings provided. The initial batch will be utilised for testing purposes and larger quantities could be ordered at a later date.