Qualified subcontract engineering projects

Are you looking to grow your business with new long term customers from the manufacturing industry?

This is a list of projects from manufacturing buyers looking for new manufacturing partners in the UK. Supplier members have access to the drawings and buyer information so they can contact them directly.

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    Machining-Machining, Plastics

    This client, a supplier and distributor of standard and special fasteners, seeks a supplier to produce the attached nylon inserts. These components require turning, drilling and chamfering and should be quoted in batches of 1000 and 2000 off. This is part of a larger project the client is tendering for - should they win their tender, there will be an immediate order to place that could lead to ongoing work moving forward.

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    Machining-Machining, Plastics

    This manufacturer of plumbing hand-tools, who outsources approximately £10,000 worth of machining each year, is in need of a turning supplier who can assist with the manufacture of the attached clamps. There is an immediate order to place for this stock order enquiry, which is to be repeated every two to three years.

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    Machining-Machining, Plastics

    This buyer, a manufacturer of props for the film industry that spends in excess of £20,000 a year on subcontract machining, seeks production of a selection of paddles and rods that require aspects of milling, drilling and turning. The paddles are to be made from polypropylene and nylon whereas the rods are to be made from stainless steel. Quality of product is of the upmost importance therefore, the successful supplier must ensure the components are manufactured as per drawing.This is a one off requirement for which there is an immediate order to place with the chosen supplier.

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    Machining-Machining, Plastics

    Machining of a selection of ABS components is required, by a manufacturer of carbon fibre products. This project involves elements of milling and drilling, with quotes required for 1 off and 50 off of each design. In addition to this enquiry, the chosen supplier will also be asked to assist within similar projects moving forward, meaning that there is a view to turning this buyer into a long-term customer.

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    Machining-Machining, Plastics

    This manufacturer of industrial machinery seeks a supplier to manufacture the attached motor housing from black Acetal. This project incorporates aspects of turning, milling and counter boring. The client has an immediate order to place and therefore, suppliers who can offer a fast turnaround and good value will be seen favourably. This is a one-off enquiry; however, additional, alternative work may be made available to the successful supplier.

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    Machining-Machining, Plastics

    Quotes urgently required for nylon isolation washers, which are to be machined from free issue nylon 6. With lead times of less than 1 week required, those that are able to offer a fast turnaround are asked to make contact with the buyer immediately. The client suggest that this project is best suited to those with machines with bar fed capabilities.

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    Machining-Machining, Plastics

    Having previously had the attached spacers and pads 3D printed, the client is looking to receive quotes for them to be machined. This project involves elements of milling, drilling and turning, with good value essential. Interested suppliers must be able to provide delivery of the full set of parts by the latest of the 27th September; in turn, repeat orders will be placed once a relationship has been cultivated. The client outsources machining work to the tune of £250,000 a year, meaning that additional requirements may also be made available to the chosen supplier.

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    Machining-Machining, Plastics

    Suppliers with spare turning capacity are sought, on behalf of a company that outsources £55,000 worth of machining work per annum. They are looking to place an immediate order with a third party that can turn a nylon shaft cover in accordance with their specification. The component in question is destined for end use within the manufacture of industrial machinery and will be ordered on a repeat basis moving forward. It is essential that interested suppliers are able to offer this component at good value, with 15 off required at this time.

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    Machining-Machining, Plastics

    This OEM from the agriculture industry seeks responses from machining suppliers who can assist with a turning requirement. They have an immediate order to place for 30 off of a roller bush, which is to be machined from plastic. The client's £50,000 yearly spend in the subcontract machining market means that there could be scope for the chosen company to diversify into additional requirements.