Supplier FAQ

Q - Is Qimtek a 'middleman'?
A - No. We give you buyer details and drawings so you can identify profitable work and quote directly to the buyer.

Q - Does that mean that we can ask the buyer about repeat work and other future work?
A - Yes. This is one of the main benefits of being a member. Membership is not about winning one job...it's about winning new customers.

Q - Why is membership 12 months minimum?
A - Finding one off jobs is easy and these can start paying your membership costs back straight away. Nurturing some of those one-off jobs into new long-term customers takes a bit longer, so we ask for a year's commitment so you get the best possible return on your investment.

Q - What happens after 12 months?
A - You are free to stop your membership or, like 75% of our members, you can keep it going on a month by month basis thereafter.We're confident that after a year you will see the service pays for itself...and then some!

Q - Why should I have to pay to quote work?
A - Whenever you make any real effort to find new work it's going to cost something at some point down the line, whether that's your own time and expense or employing a sales rep, for example. Qimtek does the leg work with the minimum of cost.

Q - The cheapest price always wins, right? 
A - No. Of course, the price is important but, just as important is the quality you offer, service and delivery on time. If you only focus on the price of your work then you're doing yourself a disservice.

Q - How many people quote on the jobs?
A - 2 to 3 on average, so there is a bit of competition but it's by no means a bun fight.

Q - What are the guarantees?
A - We can guarantee......

A Steady stream of live projects complete with buyers details & drawing packages. If the initial project is not achievable or suitable it still provides a "foot in the door" to a discuss other current or future requirements.

A Sourcing Advisor- With each project, you will also receive the contact details for one of our sourcing advisers. This is the team of people you effectively pay for to generate the projects for you & are worth contacting because they can usually help advice what the buyer is looking for in a prospective supplier.

A New Buyer Database- The buyer's details are also stored on your personal online account. You can use this data as you please such as to carry out process specific marketing. Because it's downloadable it's a database of new potential customers you will always have. 

A Preferred Supplier Profile- 12 months online advertisement with a Preferred Supplier Profile in our supplier directory. Complete with an in-depth profile section, company logo, picture gallery & hyperlink back to your own website. 

Membership Support Team -  Sandii Smith is our dedicated Membership Support Manager who has a proven record of working with and advising our members on the best ways to secure a return on their investment with us.