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Good vibes from low frequency machining

05 Feb 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Following a £750k investment earlier this year, Roscomac has now added two more turn-mill centres with special swarf control features that improve surface quality.

Last July the Worthing-based company installed two Cincom sliding head turn-mill centres – a top-of-the range M16-V, and a L20-VIIILFV – as well as a Miyano BNE-51MSY multi-axis turn-mill centre, all supplied by Citizen Machinery.

JAW opens up to CNC

05 Feb 2018 by Engineering Capacity

JAW Engineering has invested in CNC machining from XYZ to enhance its low volume sub-contract capacity and emergency breakdown support service.

Up until now, all the machining at the 30-year-old company had been carried out on manual machines, reliant on highly skilled operators, including company founder John White. Now, with John’s son Stuart taking on management of the family business, the time was right to look to the future and move to CNC.

Learn how to test composites

05 Feb 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Polymer and composites testing specialist, R-TECH Materials, has teamed up with Zwick Roell to run an introductory training course on mechanical testing of composites.

The one-day course in April is designed for people with a limited experience in the principles and practices of testing composite materials.

Latest tech for production AM parts

31 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

FDM Digital Solutions has invested in the latest HP additive manufacturing technology that will allow it to produce cost-effective low volume production parts.

The company says the machine which will revolutionise the way end use components are manufactured, saving time, money and resources.

The HP Multi Jet Fusion is claimed to be up to 10 times faster and cheaper to run, and a potential ‘game changer’ when it comes to low volume parts which would traditionally be manufactured by silicon/RIM tooling or even low volume costly injection moulding.

Look deeper into ‘Productivity Puzzle’

31 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Recent economic data has suggested UK industry is starting to solve the ‘Productivity Puzzle’ and a major national survey aims to delve deeper into this topic.

The Manufacturing Barometer is urging small to medium sized manufacturers (SMEs) to have their say on how productivity good practice is integrated into everyday culture.