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The sales platform for subcontract engineering suppliers looking to fill capacity and win long-term manufacturing customers.


Steady stream of new enquiries.


Track your projects all in one place.


Listed in the online directory.


Tag and target the right buyers.


Posted to qualified engineering buyers.


Hear what other suppliers say.


Local or national? See the options.


Frequently asked supplier questions. 


Live subcontract engineering enquiries, with drawings and buyer contact details for you to deal direct.

Qualified Engineering Leads

Be invited to speak to and quote new industry buyers looking for new engineering suppliers. 

Receive  a steady flow of live enquiries.

Supplier members receive a steady flow of relevant subcontract opportunities over the course of their membership. Upon joining, we will set up filters so that you only receive the enquiries that match your in-house processes, the materials you work with, the approvals you hold and from buyers who are located within a distance you can service.

We speak with every buyer before posting their project.

To ensure that we provide our members with the best possible information, we speak with every buyer before posting their project. This is to ensure that they are a legitimate business (as we do not deal with end users), that the enquiry is real, to collect the relevant drawings and find out if there is scope for the right supplier to win long-term work.

You will receive the full buyer contact details to deal directly:


Here at Qimtek, we pride ourselves on putting companies in touch with each other for the establishment of long-term manufacturing partnerships. That is why you are provided with the full contact details of the buyers behind each enquiry - you will find these within your Supplier Dashboard so that you can discuss their business opportunities directly. Buyers who post projects need to be registered with Qimtek and sign terms agreeing to be contacted by our Supplier Members.

Our buyers' spend over £5.8B a year on parts...


We know this because we inquire as to their annual subcontract spend on the relevant engineering process when they place a project with us. We then pass this information onto our Supplier Members. This benefits both parties - the buyer will receive contact from suppliers who are capable of handling the workload they require, and suppliers are given a better understanding of the full scope of work outsourced

Win projects, fill capacity & turn new clients into repeating customers.

Looking for a sheet metal forming supplier? Upload your project to Qimtek today!

"In less than 4 months’ service, we have already won enough orders to cover the annual investment. We would highly recommend Qimtek."

Contracts Engineering Ltd


A system that helps designers, estimators, salespeople and managers to establish new client targets and focus on new business.

Track Projects

View projects, download drawings and message buyers all in one place. 

See the status and deadlines of your projects.


To help keep you on top of the projects you receive, we have designed a dashboard that allows you to manage all of your projects in one place.

Download drawings and access the buyer's contact details.


Within each project is a tabbed theme, with options to look at project details, batches & frequency, buyer's contact details and reviews (if they have them), messaging function to quickly talk to the buyer and a portal to download drawings. You will also find the contact details of the Qimtek Sourcing Account Manager for each project, whom you can contact directly if you have any questions about either the project or the buyer.

Let buyers know you are interested and quoting.


To help you manage the projects you receive, you should indicate your interest level when receiving a project as either 'interested' or 'not interested'. Similarly, once you have reviewed the drawings, you should indicate either 'quoting' or 'not quoting' accordingly. The buyer will be notified of your choices when they log into their Qimtek account to check their project status. Additionally, by indicating that you're interested in a project, the buyer will be able to access a link to your Supplier Profile so that they have an understanding of your company and capabilities prior to receiving your quote.

Never miss an opportunity with email alerts. 


When a new project is posted onto your dashboard, you will receive an email alert to inform you so that you can start working on the project as quickly as possible. You can select to receive these alerts either in real time or as a daily summary.

Work as a team with unlimited users.


Teamwork is essential when it comes to growing your company and unlike most platforms that charge per user, we believe that it can take a team of people to secure new business. Securing engineering projects can include anyone from estimators and workshop managers, to design engineers and sales professionals, right through to the managing director. That's why we provide you with one company account that an unlimited number of employees can register to access.

Post news to the Qimtek buying network.


To help promote your business to more buyers, you can submit news stories and press releases to your profile. In addition, these will be featured in our news platform, broadcast across our social media platforms and may also appear in our monthly newsletter to 5000+ buyers.

Qimtek - We are here to help

We are here to help

No matter what you require, Qimtek is committed to helping you as much as possible. We want to do all we can to support and guide our Supplier Members, which is why you'll benefit from two account managers upon joining. Your sales account manager will be able to offer sales tips and advice, as well as assisting with any technical queries, while your sourcing account manager will be able to offer insight into our buyers and help you to get your foot in the door.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding Qimtek membership, or would like to get a better understanding of how the system works, simply use the buttons below to request a no-obligation demo, or find out more about the Qimtek team.


List your company in the UK's largest directory dedicated to promoting subcontract manufacturing & engineering suppliers, helping them to fill capacity and win new business.

Supplier Profile

Be seen by thousands of manufacturing buyers using our engineering directory.

Your profile is your first introduction to buyers.


First impressions count! As mentioned above, when you indicate your interest in any project, the buyer will be linked to your company profile. Therefore, it's best to spend some time making it look as good as possible.

Be found by buyers who are searching for your services.


As a Supplier Member, you will benefit from a supplier profile within the directory under the processes you offer, the materials you specialise in, where you are based and the approvals you hold. Listings will appear alphabetically, with suppliers who have upgraded to Membership Plus benefitting from the most prominent listings for extra exposure.

Show buyers what you can do by uploading your photos.


Upload photos to your supplier profile to showcase your company. We find that buyers tend to place more work with the suppliers who have images of their past projects uploaded to their profile. In addition, you can email your photos to us here at Qimtek and we will broadcast them across our social media channels on your behalf.

Tell your story by posting your company videos.


If you have company videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, then you can link them to your company profile.

One button to request a quote from you.


Supplier member profiles are all fitted with a "Request a Quote" button that - when used by a registered manufacturing buyer - will forward Qimtek a copy of the buyer's project. We will then send it to you for first refusal, with 24 hours to accept or decline.

Vision Engineering - Qimtek Supplier Members

"A very user-friendly platform for suppliers and buyers alike. Qimtek has helped us to increase our portfolio of customers, with contracts awarded for prototyping through to production."

Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services



Organise a database of the buyers who have sent components and assemblies, helping you to build a strategy on the type of customers you want!


Qimtek Supplier Network

Use this feature to tag buyers and build your database of potential customers.

See all of the companies who have sent you opportunities.


Access a database containing details of all of the companies who have sent you projects over the lifetime of your membership. From here, you can review the projects, buyer reviews, annual spends and more.

Save buyers into groups by tagging them.


Tag and organise buyers into groups to start building your own unique database of purchasing contacts. This might include local buyers, for example, or perhaps buyers who have sent you projects requiring a certain material, process or approval.

See buyer reviews from other members. 


We understand that new business can sometimes feel like a leap of faith. Many engineering suppliers initially have concerns when working with a new customer, such as their payment terms, communication and expectations. That's why we created Qimtek Engineering Reviews so that you can build a picture of prospective customers before committing to a contract. This only works if you continue to also add reviews for the new companies you win work with via the Qimtek platform.

Grow your business with the right customers for you!


Help your sales team to focus on approaching the right companies, who sub out the right type of work and have a substantial annual spend  in your chosen field.

Qimtek - UK engineering and manufacturing network

"We have secured business from over 40 different industry buyers - most have led to repeat business. We have moved into more profitable sectors and doubled our sales as a direct result of joining Qimtek."

Nubold Group Ltd


Our printed directory is distributed to registered buyers who spend at least £50,000 per year on subcontract engineering services and have used Qimtek's sourcing service to find a new supplier in the past 12 months. As a Supplier Member, you will benefit from an interactive listing with a QR code linking your full Qimtek supplier profile.

Qimtek Interactive Directory 2021

All members are entitled to a free standard listing in the manufacturing directory.

Sent to 3,000 registered manufacturing buyers.


We send our printed directory to over 3,000 registered manufacturing buyers annually, making it a great way to grow your brand awareness within the industry.

Scan with a phone to view your online profile.


Each listing contains a QR code which links directly to your full online Qimtek supplier profile. Buyers simply use their smartphone camera to scan the code and find out more about what you can offer.

Upgrade your listing with Membership Plus+.


Membership Plus will give you a range of benefits including an enhanced listing in the printed directory as well as appearing in the monthly newsletter sent to over 5,000 manufacturing buyers and also appear top of the buyers searching our online directory. You can add this to any level of membership.

Stand out with more with a full or half page advert.


Increase your exposure to thousands of manufacturing buyers by taking out a full or half page advert within the printed directory

Warren Services - Qimtek Member

"We have secured in excess of £535,000 worth of initial orders from over 20 new buyers. We estimate that leads generated via Qimtek have turned a profit of between £2.5million and £3million."

Warren Services Ltd


Winning work is down to our clients. We just provide the 'foot in the door' and our members do the rest. 

Why did you choose Qimtek to help you win new business?

What did you set out achieve with Qimtek and has it worked?

What do you like best about the Sales Platform?

How do you convert the leads sent to you?

With no sales team in place, we made the decision to join Qimtek back in 2007 as it was a cost effective way of generating leads. Since then we have secured lots of initial orders and an estimated £5million worth of business directly. In the first two years, we picked up 2 new clients that, for the next six years, were the largest customers we had dealt with. The membership is very straight forward. You set your lead parameters; you receive relevant projects to quote on directly, then you convert them into sales. Qimtek has been a very good tool for RDL and I have spent the last few years recommending Qimtek to others – some of which are now members themselves.

Managing Director at RDL Technologies

Qimtek’s membership provides us with a stream of enquiries, which ultimately allows us to pick and choose enquiries we can and want to quote on. We have been able to turn these initial orders into ongoing relationships. We have visited customers and customers have visited us. If you deliver their job correctly and on time, it’s onwards and upwards from there, and for that reason, I would recommend Qimtek to others.

Sales Engineer, OMS Engineering Ltd

Rotec Engineering is an advanced manufacturing business serving clients from many industrial sectors including Automotive, Medical, Defence and Electronics. Our state-of-the-art production facility boasts the very latest CNC fixed head turning, milling, and sliding head machines, which enables us to provide customers with a rapid turnaround at highly competitive rates.  We initially joined the Qimtek membership in order to increase our existing customer base. 14 years later and Rotec have secured in lots of initial orders via the membership, with many of these customers, going on to place additional orders directly.

Sales Engineer from Rotec Engineering Ltd

Looking for a supplier to help you manufacture a complete project? upload your project to Qimtek Today!

"Qimtek’s membership provides us with a stream of enquiries, which ultimately allows us to pick and choose enquires we can and want to quote on and speak directly to new buyers."

OMS Engineering Ltd


Meet new buyers, quote live projects and develop long-term customers.


National Map Transparent


Receive leads from buyers all over the UK (and sometimes overseas).


This is for companies who are looking for new customers from anywhere in the UK and possibly further afield. 


Pick up to five areas of the UK to receive live qualified leads from.


This is for engineering companies who are looking to expand their local business further afield but are not yet ready to deliver nationally.


Receive leads from buyers local to you and select 3 local areas. 


This is for engineering companies who are looking to find new customers that are fairly local to them.


Stand out in the online directory, printed book and in our newsletters.


Would you like to feature in a monthly newsletter to over 5,000 buyers or have an enhanced listing in our printed directory, sent to 3,000 manufacturing buyers? Would you also like to feature at the top of the listings when buyers search the online directory for your services? Talk to your membership advisor about Membership Plus+ when joining.

We'd love to show you how Qimtek can improve your sales process, increase orders and grow your customer base. If you would like to receive a demonstration of our sales platform, simply fill out the form below. We will then show you how our Supplier Members access Qimtek's enquiries, download drawings and view buyer contact details to quote directly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the membership for?

A Supplier Membership is for a minimum of twelve months, after which time you can leave with thirty day's notice.

Can we contact the buyers directly?

Absolutely! We encourage our members to call the buyer wherever possible before quoting, as this helps to establish a rapport. It also helps you to assess whether or not the company behind the enquiry is a good fit for your business.

If we win a project, can I go directly to the buyer for other quotes?

If you win a job through Qimtek, then that customer is yours to keep! Many of our buyers will put out smaller jobs to our members initially to test the water, before awarding larger contracts to them directly. This is the aim of our service - we want to match buyers and suppliers who go onto work together on a long-term basis.

How does Qimtek generate projects?

For many of the manufacturing buyers that use our services, Qimtek is the first port of call when they have a subcontract engineering requirement. The buyer will send us the technical drawings for their project, along with any relevant information required to quote, which we then pass onto Supplier Members with the capabilities that the buyer requires. In addition, we have a team of sourcing account managers who are constantly reaching out to new manufacturing purchasers, establishing relationships and ensuring that fresh companies use our sourcing service continually.

How many people are quoting each project?

Each project typically receives 2 to 5 quotes from our members on average; however, this depends on the process, the buyer's location and current market conditions. We also have a few projects that go unquoted depending on the capacity of our Supplier Membership at the time.

Are there any guarantees?

We guarantee to supply you with a steady stream of relevant engineering enquiries, complete with technical drawings and buyer contact details for you to quote directly. We cannot make any guarantees that you will win business, as we cannot control how you quote and how often you quote. However, we are always happy to offer advice on the best ways to approach each buyer to maximise your chances of winning a specific project.

Do we pay commissions on projects won?

No - we charge a flat monthly fee to receive our projects and no more. You will not have to pay any commission on work that you win.