Buyer FAQs

Frequently asked questions from buyers using Qimtek
How does it work?

Qimtek's sourcing service is designed to take the headache out of finding new engineering suppliers, making it a really simple way of sourcing for your subcontract projects. Simply upload your drawings using our online Drag, Drop, Source! service, or email them to [email protected]. Our sourcing account managers will then review your drawings and ensure that we have all the information we need, before compiling your project and sending it to relevant suppliers. From there, suppliers will contact you directly with their quote. The relationship is always kept directly between the buyer and supplier - we simply put you in touch with subcontract suppliers who can assist, saving you the time and hassle of contacting multiple companies individually.

Why is the Drag, Drop, Source service free?

Qimtek is supplier-funded, meaning that there is absolutely no cost to use our sourcing service. Our supplier members pay a flat monthly subscription fee to receive and quote for projects - we never charge manufacturing buyers for finding them new suppliers, nor do we take commission from either side on projects that have been awarded to our members.

My projects are sensitive…

Not a problem! Qimtek is a closed network and our members are forbidden from sharing information with third parties by our terms & conditions. However, if you need a bit of extra security, we can attach a non-disclosure agreement to your project, which members will have to sign and return before gaining access to the drawings. We can accommodate your company's own non-disclosure agreement, or Qimtek has a standard NDA which can be used if you prefer.

My project requires specialist approvals, how can you help?

We ask our supplier members to keep us updated as to which approvals and accreditations they hold. Therefore, if you require specialist approvals for your project - ISO 9001 or TS 16949 for example - we will only send your project to suppliers who hold the specific accreditations you require. Some buyers prefer to work with approved suppliers although it is not essential for their project - in this case, we simply specify within the project that quotes from accredited suppliers will be looked upon favourably.

Are you an agent or a middleman?

Qimtek is neither an agent or a middleman - we are an introductory service. Unlike agencies, we don't take commission on the work our members win, and the relationship is always between yourself and the suppliers. We simply put you in touch with suppliers who can assist and the rest is up to you!

What if I do not want a specific company to see my project?

Not a problem - we will always ask you if there are any companies that you do not want your project to go to before publishing, such as current suppliers. If they are Qimtek members, they will be excluded from seeing the project at the point of publishing so as not to upset any existing relationships you have.

My project is urgent, how quickly can we expect to receive quotes?

Most of the projects published through our network receive quotes the same day - however, this can vary depending on the process, material and approvals you require. Non-disclosure agreements can also slow the response rate slightly. We always recommend giving suppliers at least a week to quote so that you can thoroughly benchmark the responses you receive. If you decide to move forward with a supplier within that time, then no problem - you can simply close the project through your online account.

How many times can I use your free service?

There is no limit on how many times you can use our free sourcing service; however, in the interest of offering our suppliers a quality membership, we ask that you refrain from using our sourcing service for costing exercises. We only accept legitimate projects that could result in real business opportunities for both our buyers and suppliers. If we feel that the service is being misused, we may make the decision to refuse projects from your company in future.

How does your Supplier Review system work?

We ask our buyers to rate supplier members they have worked with based on communication, quality and delivery to encourage transparency across our network. All reviews are moderated by Qimtek before they are published, ensuring that they are genuine and accurately reflect the experiences of the buyer in question. This helps you to make informed purchasing decisions before placing your business, minimising the risk of working with a new supplier. You can read more about our Supplier Review system by clicking here.

I need help establishing the type of supplier I need…

We understand that not every buyer has an engineering background, which is why all of our sourcing account managers can read technical drawings and decide on the best production process for your project.

Do you have overseas suppliers?

No - here at Qimtek, we champion British manufacturing, meaning that all of our suppliers are based within the UK.

I would like to bring my supply chain back from overseas…

We can help! We work with many buyers who are reshoring production to improve quality and lead times. Qimtek offers a large network of UK engineering suppliers who can assist with your subcontract projects, without the hassle of having to contact multiple companies individually.

Do you vet the suppliers in your network?

Before enrolling a new supplier member, we check that they are a legitimate engineering company with their own facilities and machines within the UK. However, we do not credit check suppliers, so we do advise you to carry out your own due diligence before placing your business. Our Supplier Review system also makes it easy to assess a supplier's past performance, removing some the risks associated with sourcing for your project organically.


I have used Qimtek sourcing service several times, using a Non Disclosure Agreement and I must say, it works very effectively and does the job on sensitive projects. It saves us a lot of time as Qimtek collect the signed NDA's before releasing the drawings to potential suppliers to quote. I'm pleased with the responses coming back, and will be awarding my projects to Qimteks Supplier Members. I would highly recommend using Qimtek sourcing service with or without the nda, it's been successful everytime 

Design Engineer at Compak Ramps Ltd

Having used Qimtek's sourcing service for only a few months, I have already managed to find 3-4 quality long-term suppliers. I have a dedicated sourcing account manager who has saved me a lot of hassle by finding the right suppliers for me, generating quotes very quickly and saving me a few days' worth of work each time. Qimtek were even able to accommodate a non-disclosure agreement on a sensitive project of mine. I simply requested to have the NDA in place and my sourcing account manager took care of the rest, ensuring that the agreement had been signed before drawings were released to individual suppliers and collating the signed documents on my behalf. The process really couldn't have been easier and it was all completely free of charge.I would definitely recommend Qimtek to any buyers who are looking to save time when sourcing new suppliers. 

Purchaser from JP Exhausts

We have recently registered with Qimtek within the last 2-3 months, and have found them to be very helpful and professional with our enquiries into finding suppliers for our manufactured items. The company representative and additional team continue finding the right supplier for our needs. They are also very approachable and helpful in finding numerous suppliers, which makes us as a company more efficient in serving our customers across the UK. We at Ductec are very happy with service Qimtek provide us and will continue to use them in the future. Thank you Qimtek for the great service in finding our manufacturing suppliers.

Installation Manager. Ductec Ltd