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Supplier Membership

Qualified subcontract manufacturing leads that open doors, helping you to fill capacity and grow your engineering business. 

Receive a steady flow of qualified leads directly to your inbox, eliminating the need for tedious cold calling to find new business.

Our proactive approach involves identifying buyers actively seeking subcontract manufacturers for bespoke components and assemblies. We qualify these leads and promptly connect them with our members, enabling direct communication with the buyers. Say goodbye to time-consuming prospecting and hello to targeted opportunities.

A Single Platform for Lead Monitoring, Drawing Downloads, and Direct Buyer Interaction.

Qimtek Supplier Members access a comprehensive platform where they can browse and select new leads, enabling them to track and register their interest, as well as upload quotes. Our commitment to building lasting manufacturing partnerships means we offer multiple communication channels. In addition to full buyer contact details, including phone numbers for direct calls, members can utilise our built-in messaging feature for seamless interaction.

Explore a Diverse Range of Live Engineering Opportunities Tailored to Your Expertise

We understand that finding the right opportunity for your subcontract engineering company is essential, which is why we provide a list of some of the live leads we generate for you to explore. These projects not only showcase the diversity of opportunities but also allow you to request detailed drawings, giving you an in-depth look to determine if they align with your expertise and if you have any questions please get in touch.

We open doors for you to forge long-term manufacturing partnerships!

Discover how Qimtek goes beyond leads to connect you directly with potential customers. Our platform opens doors to new opportunities, allowing you to build long-term partnerships. We specifically target production buyers with substantial annual outsourcing budgets. Hear firsthand from our members about their experiences with the system and learn how Qimtek can transform your business prospects. Watch the video now to explore the full spectrum of benefits.

How does the Supplier Membership benefit my engineering business?

The Suppleir Membership is a premium membership program offered by Qimtek specifically designed for engineering suppliers. It provides several benefits, including a steady stream of highly qualified manufacturing leads, direct communication with buyers, and opportunities to expand your client base.

How do I qualify for the Suppleir Membership?

To qualify for the Suppleir Membership, you should be a UK-based subcontract engineering company. Our team will review your capabilities and requirements to ensure a good match.

What types of leads can I expect to receive as a Suppleir Member?

As a member, you will receive leads spanning various disciplines, including CNC machining, fabrication, sheet metal forming, laser cutting, and more. These leads cover a wide range of project types and industries.

Can I choose which leads I want or am I required to respond to all of them?

You have the flexibility to select the leads that align with your capabilities and interests. You can focus on the projects that best suit your business.

How often will I receive leads as a Suppleir Member?

You can expect to receive a consistent flow of leads directly to your inbox. The frequency of leads will depend on your membership level and preferences.

What information will I receive with each lead?

Each lead includes project details, drawings, buyer contact information, and other relevant details to help you evaluate and respond effectively.

Is there a limit to the number of leads I can receive as a member?

The number of leads you receive is based on your membership level. Higher-tier memberships offer more leads and additional benefits.

How does communication with buyers work through the Qimtek?

You have access to full buyer contact details, including phone numbers, enabling direct communication. We also provide a feature for you to upload your quote with a built-in messaging feature for convenient interactions.

Can I see some live examples of the leads you generate for members?

Yes, you can explore live examples of leads that have been posted on our platform to get a sense of the type of work available to our members.

How do I get started with the Suppleir Membership?

To get started, simply fill out our membership application, and our team will review your qualifications. Once approved, you'll gain access to the benefits of the Suppleir Membership.