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Rapid treatment quotes extended

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Wallwork Group has extended its rapid online aerospace heat treatment quoting system into commercial heat treatment and also hard coatings and vacuum brazing.

Keeping corrosion in check

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Following on from the addition of its fatigue testing facility, William Hughes has added salt spray testing to its range of quality control procedures.
Salt spray or salt fog testing exposes springs and other components to a saline fog environment in order to ascertain the corrosion resistance of the material of which they’re made or the surface coating thereof.   A controlled saline situation will show how long it takes for a component to accede to rust or other oxides, if indeed it succumbs at all. 

Midlands focus on electrification

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

A group of Midlands manufacturers has set its sights on taking a share of the expected £300bn spend on vehicle electrification.

The Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN), which is made up of eight subcontract manufacturers and a specialist design agency, is already supplying components to 10 projects focused on battery development and electric motors and is expecting this figure to more than double over the next twelve months.

Engineering at your service

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

By adopting a servitization model – with 10% of customers buying machining on an hourly rate – MNB Precision Engineering is in a strong position to benefit from an upturn in oil and gas.

Since taking the reins of the business in 2012, brothers Luke and Elliot Benton have helped MNB Precision to come back from the brink through a focused business strategy.

EDM for fir-tree profiles

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

A new wire erosion machine at Derby subcontractor Promach 3D is producing fir-tree profiles on special tooling for a critical aerospace application.

The Sodick ALC 400G is its second machine from Sodi-Tech EDM and has been purchased to boost capacity and keep up with customer demand.