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Cast iron case for a tax credit

02 Dec 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Cast Iron Welding Services earned a £10,000 tax credit from the Government after the work required for a special project proved so complex that it qualified as R&D.

Cast Iron Welding Services (CIWS) had previously been told by tax professionals that its activities didn’t qualify under HMRC’s R&D tax credit scheme.

But after agreeing to a third review of the company’s activity by tax relief specialists Catax, its innovations were finally recognised. 

Not all CIWS’ work qualifies under the rules but one project in particular caught Catax’s eye. 

Leading lights in LED recycling

02 Dec 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Electroplating specialist EC Williams is one of six companies participating in a Government funded project to recover gallium from used LED lights.

The nine-month project, which began on 1 November, is titled Recovery of Gallium Ionic Liquid (ReGAIL) and is partly financed by Innovate UK.

Williams will be studying opportunities for recovering gallium metal from LED lights. Gallium is usually only recovered from offcuts and shavings, and this is the first time the high-performance semiconductor will be recovered from end-of-life components.

More EDM and turn-milling

02 Dec 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Hopwood gears has added new EDM and turn-milling capacity after a 100% increase in turnover in the past two years.

The Oldham-based company,  which derives half of its turnover from the manufacture of steel, aluminium and plastic gears and the remainder from high precision subcontract work, particularly for the robotics and defence sectors, has invested in a three-machine package from NCMT to boost production capacity.

Automotive laser welding

02 Dec 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE), a specialist in the design and manufacture of electron beam welding (EBW) machines, has built its very first laser-welding system for a tier one automotive customer.

The machine relies on a TRUMPF TruDisk 1000, a 1kW solid-state laser with optimised beam quality for welding metals, in this case steel and Inconel.

Competitive on high value parts

02 Dec 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Turn-milling centres are speeding production by 40% and helping Bryken meet increased demand and stay competitive on high added value parts.