Sourcing Platform For Manufacturing Buyers

With a network of over 220 UK-based manufacturing companies, our platform offers a quick and efficient way to secure the best pricing and lead times for your bespoke parts.
This is an image of a laptop showing the Qimtek sourcing platform and how it can get manufacturing buyer multiple quotes from UK based subcontract suppliers.

Platform For Professionals.

Unlimited users & 100% free!

Post unlimited projects and receive quotes and lead times from UK engineering suppliers by uploading your drawings. Engage directly with suppliers from the start, allowing for detailed discussions about your projects and fostering long-term manufacturing partnerships. 

Our platform accommodates both individual buyers and designers, as well as purchasing teams, with unlimited user access and it's entirely free with no hidden upgrades. Begin by registering for your free Qimtek account and start sending out your quote requests today!

This is an image of the Qimtek sourcing platform being displayed on a smart phone.

Post Quotes & Get Quotes Quickly!

Simple drag, drop and source feature.

Picture the time you'll save—no more endless internet searches for companies, no more drafting individual emails, no struggle to gather quotes. Simply upload your engineering drawings, CAD files, and PDFs to Qimtek and watch the suppliers approach you. Saving you time and accelerating your quoting process whilst giving you a reach a wider network of potential manufacturing partners. 

This is an image of an engineering drawing being droped onto the Qimtek plarform.

Track Your Project With Ease!

See interested suppliers working on your quotes

On your project dashboard, you'll discover the suppliers who are working on your quotes. Dive into these interested vendors and explore their detailed supplier profiles, featuring full capability and approvals details, a gallery of previous work, videos of their operations, and reviews from previous buyers, This enables you to thoroughly research each company before receiving their quotes, ensuring you make informed decisions.

This is an image showing you what things you can track on Qimtek including indepth supplier profiles and buyers reviews

Streamline Communication!

Built in messaging system for project discussions.

Say goodbye to cluttered email threads with Qimtek's messaging feature, streamlining communication with suppliers. Whether you need to discuss project details individually or announce updates to all interested suppliers at once, our messaging system simplifies the process. No more emailing back and forth—just one platform for all your communication needs.

This is an image showin how easy it is to comunicate directly with engineering suppliers using the Qimtek Manufacturing Sourcing Platform

Centralised Quotes!

Download all of your quotes from one place.

Compiling and analysing multiple quotes can be time-consuming. To streamline this process, our suppliers upload their quotes and supporting documents directly to your project. With just one click, you can log in and download all quotes simultaneously, accompanied by a spreadsheet designed for easy analysis. This feature breaks down pricing and lead times line by line, helping you quickly identify the most cost-effective supplier within your desired timeframe.

This is an image of how you can find all of your quotes from the engineering suppliers on the Qimtek platform and download them all in one place with a handy excel spreadsheet to compare prices and lead times

Instant Feedback To Everyone!

End projects, letting all suppliers know.

Managing feedback requests from suppliers, especially after a quote doesn't win, can be time-consuming. Qimtek's platform simplifies this process, allowing you to effortlessly close a project and provide feedback to all involved suppliers with just a few clicks. This keeps everyone informed and minimises the need for follow-up calls, saving you time and enhancing communication 

This is an image showing how buyers can select one or multiple suppliers to provide instant feedback - you won, you lost or put on hold!