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Avoiding supply chain failure

17 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Grainger and Worrall’s end-to-end casting and machining capability has helped sustain automotive supply chains during the Covid pandemic.

EV innovation funding

17 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Samuel Taylor Limited (STL) has won funding to investigate a new way of joining copper and aluminium for busbars in zero emission vehicles.

The company was awarded the funding by Innovate UK as part of the recent ‘Catalysing Green Innovation: Securing the Future of ZEV’ competition.

EVBus is an Innovate UK collaborative project between STL and TWI Ltd, aiming to investigate an innovative copper to aluminium bonding technique for use in zero emission vehicle (ZEV) busbars.

Fast track for AM skills

17 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

SME manufacturers are to pioneer an innovative, high impact programme designed to upskill their workforces to accelerate the adoption and application of additive manufacturing (AM).

Trade show update

07 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

The continuing restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic are wreaking havoc with the timetable of planned trade exhibitions, so here is a round up of what is still happening and when.

Having first of all been postponed April this year until January 2021, the MACH manufacturing technologies show will not now run until April 2022.

Subcon, which was postponed from June this year and then to September this year then again to January 2021, when it was planned to run alongside MACH, has now been further postponed until September 2021.

Large scale 3D print

05 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Addition Design has expanded its range of services with the installation of an industrial additive manufacturing (AM) machine for the batch production of components in a variety of high-grade engineering polymers.

The Prodways ProMaker P1000, housed within a dedicated production suite at the Sheffield-based consultancy’s facility, is one of only a handful of such machines installed in the UK and will enable the company to support high value manufacturers in the scaling up and quality production of their industrial 3D printed components quickly and efficiently.