Making things better


Knowledge Hubs at MACH 2024 will help companies identify when they should adopt new technology that will help them improve productivity, efficiency and reduce costs.

The programme showcases new technology that is readily available to UK manufacturers, helping them to understand the potential adopting such technology can bring to their operation, as well as when to adopt it and how to implement it to best effect.

The Knowledge Hubs initiative will have dedicated stands across the event, each focusing on a particular type of technology including Automation and Robotics, Sustainable Solutions, Additive Manufacturing, Consumable Tooling, and Data and Artificial Intelligence.

The Automation and Robotics Knowledge Hub will showcase how easily the technology can be adopted into existing manufacturing operations, automating repeatable processes, improving accuracy and consistency, and reducing repetitive and monotonous tasks. 

The Sustainable Solutions Knowledge Hub, sponsored by Lloyds Bank, will guide manufacturers on how investing in energy efficient technology can help offset energy cost increases, improve business fitness for the future and help balance the ‘cost of doing business’.

The Additive Manufacturing Knowledge Hub is designed to help visitors looking to learn how to develop, adopt and use additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology in their manufacturing processes. 

The Consumable Tooling Knowledge Hub will give impartial advice on how to optimise their machining processes by matching the most suitable cutting tool material and insert geometry with the workpiece material to be machined, as well as key considerations such as tool paths and cutting data. 

The Data and AI Knowledge Hub will explore how SME’s can use this technology to drive growth and innovation in manufacturing by measuring the output of their current operation, looking for opportunities to improve and ensuring supply meets demand.