Qimtek Engineering Reviews: Buy and Supply With Confidence

Sarah is a sales & marketing content writer, with ten years of experience within the engineering & manufacturing industry.  Working both at Qimtek and on a freelance basis, she can usually be found hammering away at a keyboard or with her head in a pile of engineering drawings. 

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If you’re a Qimtek member or if you use our free sourcing service to find subcontract engineering suppliers, then chances are that you’re already familiar with Qimtek Engineering Reviews. Having launched at the Subcon Show in June 2017, Qimtek Engineering Reviews were introduced as an add-on feature to encourage constructive feedback between buyers and suppliers. Almost two years later, we’re pleased to report that we now have over 100 buyer and supplier reviews published on our network - a milestone figure that we hope to grow in line with the popularity of the platform.

Whilst other industries have go-to review sites that display clear feedback surrounding the credibility of a supplier or purchaser, we realised that none existed for the engineering and manufacturing industries. With plenty of companies buying and supplying in blind faith, we identified a way to improve the service that all of our users receive, as well as establishing a new level of trust within our network. However, the success of Qimtek Engineering Reviews as a valuable business resource is now entirely reliant on input from both our buyers and suppliers.

If you use the Qimtek network to identify new customers or suppliers, then here are four reasons why you should use our reviews to make informed business decisions, as well as submitting your own:

The Information YOU Want - At a Glance:

As Qimtek focuses exclusively on the engineering & manufacturing industries, our reviews are tailored to give both buyers and suppliers the insight they need to evaluate key areas of interest. Instead of sifting through an expanse of information to pinpoint the relevant subject areas, we’ve built our reviews around the universal areas of interest for both engineering subcontract suppliers and manufacturing purchasers.

For instance, buyers are able to score suppliers on their communication, quality and delivery, whilst suppliers can review buyers on areas such as communication, lead times and payment terms. Using a five-star rating system, Qimtek Engineering Reviews give you at-a-glance analysis of a buyer’s/supplier’s past performance using the KPIs that matter, meaning you can buy or sell with confidence in the other party.

Enjoy Complete Transparency:

Qimtek Engineering Reviews create accountability within the buyer/supplier relationship by offering transparency to other network users. Whilst the reviews are only visible to those who are logged into the Qimtek site, we hope they will encourage both parties to be as accommodating as possible throughout the course of the relationship.

In turn, by reviewing a buyer/supplier whom you have recently worked with, you can provide the same level of transparency to others who may be considering a potential collaboration. Please note that all reviews are moderated by Qimtek prior to publishing, to ensure that a relationship exists between the reviewer and the company being reviewed. That way, you can be sure that the reviews you read and receive contain genuine feedback based on an actual business relationship.

Reward Good Suppliers/Buyers With Valuable Testimonials:

A positive review can be an extremely effective marketing tool for both buyers and suppliers alike, which is why it’s good to take the time to reward those who have gone the extra mile on your behalf. By leaving a good review of a company on the Qimtek network, you’ll increase their chances of gaining even more business as a direct result of your feedback - a great way to say thank you, which takes only two minutes of your time.

On the other hand, if the service you’ve received has not been up to standard, or if you’ve worked with a buyer who has proven slow with payment, then a review can be a constructive way to air your criticisms. We hope that this will lead to an improved service for all members of the Qimtek network, no matter whether you’re buying or supplying.

Find a Supplier With the Tools For YOUR Project:

The scope of projects we generate for our members is vast, covering all manner of processes from machining and fabrication, through to casting, electronics, extrusions and profiling to name but a few. These projects are broken down even further by buyer preference, such as lead times, quality, required approvals and price, meaning that no two projects are ever the same!

We understand that every company desires different qualities from a subcontract engineering supplier, which is why we’ve crafted Qimtek Engineering Reviews to accommodate feedback on a variety of topics. For instance, if you’re sourcing for a project with a short turnaround time, then you can buy with confidence knowing that your supplier has a five-star rating for lead times. If the components you require have to conform to tight tolerances, then you can easily pick and choose the suppliers who have been rated highly in terms of quality.

Qimtek Engineering Reviews aim to bring you all of the information you need to pick the right supplier for your project - it’s then up to you if and how you use this information!