Introducing Qimtek Engineering Reviews

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Review sites have become an integral tool for businesses in any sector. With more and more consumers turning to the internet in order to gain insight into a company’s reputation, the resulting exchange of information has boosted the value of good customer service and the ability to deliver on promises.
The knock-on effect can only spell good things for businesses and customers alike. By striving to exceed the expectations of their clients, companies elevate their reputation which, in turn, leads to increased business; on the flipside, clients enjoy a superior service than they perhaps would have received before the advent of reviewing as a structured system.
It’s become standard practice in both the B2B and the B2C markets to seek out reviews of the suppliers we intend to work with. From websites such as TripAdvisor that service the hospitality and tourist industries, to Rated People which addresses a range of trades, there are review sites tailored to all sorts of specific niches.
That’s why we’re excited to announce that Qimtek will soon be offering such a platform to the engineering industry. In a bid to enhance the service we already offer, buyers and suppliers alike will be given the option to review each other based on factors such as communication, lead times, payment terms, delivery and quality.
This brand new feature will be officially launched at the Subcon show, which is running from the 6th to the 8th of June at the NEC in Birmingham. Here, we will be giving demonstrations of the system and showcasing how it connects to other aspects of the Qimtek network.
But how will it benefit the companies that use us? Here are three members of the Qimtek team with their perspectives:

‘Reviews will allow buyers and suppliers to make better choices.’

Sarah Venning looks after production & publication at Qimtek.
A big part of my job is writing up and publishing the engineering enquiries here at Qimtek and subsequently, I see every single project that is sent to our members. The scope of what we receive is massive – both in terms of the work itself and the companies that send us these projects. There really is something for everyone and that’s why it’s important for members to focus on quoting work from companies that have a strong alignment with their business objectives.
Of course, our membership has to be as varied as the work we receive in order to be successful. Buyers have to be certain that the member they select is able to fulfil the requirement in line with their expectations, so as to avoid disappointment at a later stage.
Reviews will allow both buyers and suppliers alike to make better choices. Qimtek’s business model has always been structured towards building long-term working relationships and this latest feature will facilitate a more targeted decision-making process when forming those associations.

‘The criteria that Qimtek base the reviews around are universally important to all buyers.’

Sandii Smith manages Qimtek’s membership support and sourcing departments.
From a buyer’s perspective, being able to review the suppliers that make contact with them via the Qimtek network is a fantastic development.
There are several advantages when you combine this with the other features available to buyers through the site. First of all, the criteria that Qimtek base the reviews around are universally important to all buyers within the UK manufacturing industry: communication, delivery, and quality.
As a buyer using Qimtek, you will be able to feed back your supplier experiences through the network, based on these three parameters.
For example, say you have chosen to use a new supplier via Qimtek and they have kept you up-to-date on the progress of the products you have ordered; they have advised on logistical avenues and have even helped with problem solving on the production of your parts. In addition, they have also delivered on time and the components are of a high quality.
By reviewing the supplier based on your experiences, you are providing other buyers with helpful information to take into account when choosing a new supplier themselves. The Qimtek system also allows you to tag and group together companies that you have used via the Qimtek network, so you can effectively build up a list of positively reviewed companies based on your own ratings and those of others in a similar position.

‘Both buyers and suppliers will now be able to easily identify the right accounts to work with.’

Dean Munkley is Qimtek’s sales & marketing manager.
The Qimtek review system is simple. Suppliers need to know if a buyer will communicate with them and pay them promptly. Buyers need to know if the supplier provides quality items and delivers on time.
Both buyers and suppliers will now be able to easily identify the right accounts to work with, thanks to the ability to review each other based on both communication and payment terms.

As a supplier within the Qimtek network, it would be beneficial to ensure that your customers are leaving a review on your profile after delivery has been taken. The more reviews you have, the more chance there is of other buyers finding you and utilising your skills for their requirements.


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