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Competitive on high value parts

02 Dec 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Turn-milling centres are speeding production by 40% and helping Bryken meet increased demand and stay competitive on high added value parts.

“It’s what engineers do”

02 Dec 2020 by Engineering Capacity

A new online exhibition opens this week at Bradford’s National Science and Media Museum, featuring a series of fascinating and evocative images of the engineers who dropped everything to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Managing obsolescence and ageing machines

30 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

The ageing of machines in the manufacturing industry can raise issues at all levels, from business owners to operators and maintenance engineers. As assets age, replacement or spare parts can become difficult to obtain with a high cost attached to their purchase.

Small cell core capabilities

19 Nov 2020 by

ThermHex Waben, which produces of honeycomb cores for economic sandwich panels and parts, is launching a new smaller core.

The latest product has a height of 20mm and cell size of 5mm. This replaces a larger cell size, with a reduction of almost half.

Such a small cell size leads to a better surface quality and enables the use of the core in even more applications, such as visible interior and exterior surfaces in automotive, as it achieves “Class A” surface quality depending on the skin layer.

British success story

19 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

JWA Tooling has become one of the first companies to invest in Mazak’s new, British-built, 5 axis machining centre.

The Yamazaki Mazak CV5-500 simultaneous 5-axis machining centre will build on the capabilities of an existing Mazak vertical machining centre at the Leicester-based company.

JWA Tooling is a specialist provider of high-precision manufacturing solutions to some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies, with capabilities including precision CNC milling, turning and wire EDM.