Advanced Engineering 2018

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MAN schools challenge

19 Jul 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Three schools from Wales and Warwickshire were the main winners at the first ever ‘Design and Make Challenge’ organised by the Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN).

Alcester Grammar, Southam College and Ysgol Bro Dinefwr beat off competition from four other rivals to take the Manufacturing, Innovation and Efficiency titles respectively, impressing judges with their teamwork, creativity and ability to meet the project brief.

Subcontract zone added

19 Jul 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Advanced Engineering 2018 will feature a dedicated UK Contract Manufacturing zone for small engineering firms and subcontractors.

The organisers say that UK subcontractor is facing growing competition from overseas and there is now a need more than ever, for the UK market to have the best platform to showcase these businesses.

Fast PCBs for smart water

18 Jul 2018 by Engineering Capacity

When Mitte, the Berlin company behind a revolutionary smart water system, was unable to obtain PCBs from its regular Chinese supplier, it needed an alternative supplier, and quickly.

After a search on the web, the company approached Newbury Electronics. The two companies started working together earlier this year and since then the relationship has developed further with Newbury Electronics now supplying prototypes, PCB’s, fabrication and assembly services.

£70m contract with Rolls Royce

18 Jul 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Aerospace engineering firm JJ Churchill today announced at the Farnborough International Airshow that it has signed a further contract exceeding £70m with Rolls‐Royce Civil Aerospace.

This agreement is for the supply to Rolls‐Royce of turbine blades on a 10-year programme and in continuation of their existing relationship.

15 million caravan components no defects

18 Jul 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Supply Technologies, a supply chain management specialist, has been given the top supplier rating by the caravan manufacturer Swift.

Supply Technologies supplies Swift with an average of 15 million components per month used in the production of its caravan models, with a consistent rejection rate of less than 0.0%.

The Sunderland branch of Supply Technologies, owned by American company ParkOhio, has received the A Rated accreditation for its commitment to the working partnership.