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Composites for car parts

01 Oct 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Lightweight thermoset composites are emerging as a favourite replacement for steel in high strength structural car parts – writes Jari Sopanen, Regional Manager at Excel composites.

Fast accurate mass finishing

01 Oct 2019 by

UK aerospace component surface finishing specialist Fintek has taken delivery of a second high speed, high accuracy stream finishing machine

The OTEC Präzisionsfinish machine uses ‘Pulsfinish’ patented pulse drive technology and follows on from the delivery of a new generation OTEC stream finishing machine in July.

Carmaker under threat?

01 Oct 2019 by Engineering Capacity

New research claims that unprecedented change will see one of Europe’s iconic car brands will go out of business in the next three years.

More than half of respondents to ‘The Innovation Race’ – a Protolabs report that explores the challenges and opportunities for Europe’s car makers – expect a big name to fall victim to the unprecedented period of change currently being seen across the globe.

Massive tooling expansion

25 Sep 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Precision engineering firm JJ Churchill has announced a six-fold increase in the size of its Tool Room Division to ensure quality and remove bottlenecks.

The factory has a range of state-of-the-art and traditional equipment to design and produce from first principles some of the most complex fixtures in a new, purpose-built facility.

Apprentice path to a degree

25 Sep 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Young engineers can take a vocational route all the way to a degree thanks to a new partnership between In-Comm Training and the University of Wolverhampton.

HNC Higher Apprenticeships have been launched in the West Midlands this month and have already attracted 20 people who are looking for a more practical route to gaining the highest possible competences and qualifications.