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1000 CNC machine factories

04 Sep 2019 by Engineering Capacity

CloudNC, which aims to use technology to disrupt the subcontracting market, has chosen DMG MORI as a partner for the thousands of machine tools it anticipates installing in its factories.

Holy Grail for EV?

27 Aug 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Testing research reveals Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMCs) can reduce weight and increase power density by up to 300%.

AMCs can radically improve the efficiency and responsiveness of hybrid and electric engines by increasing electric rotor strength and stiffness, improving power density by a factor of two to three, and reducing mass and inertia.

Stepping into laser

27 Aug 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Cambridge Rapid Components, which serves the furnace, scientific, laboratory and security industries, has installed its first laser to remove outsourcing costs and give it greater control over production.

After its formation some 32 years ago, the family-run subcontractor has grown to employ 14 staff, with more soon to follow. Core business in recent years has focused on the supply of stainless steel barriers to the furnace sector. This contract requires the processing of high-temperature 310 and 330 grade stainless steel.

Watt’s what in Glasgow

27 Aug 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Two hundred years after his death, the University of Glasgow is commemorating the passing of James Watt by officially renaming its School of Engineering after him.

The news that the University will now be home to the James Watt School of Engineering has been welcomed by Debbie Beales, of the University’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Unit, who recently discovered that her family line leads six generations back directly to James Watt.

Stronger nuclear offering

27 Aug 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Stainless Metalcraft has acquired the trade and some assets of Jordan Manufacturing, a supplier of manufacturing services the nuclear, industrial and oil & gas markets.

Jordan Manufacturing, which was part of the Redhall Group, went into administration on 17 June, with all employees being made redundant. The trade and selected assets will now be integrated into Metalcraft’s operations in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.