Robotic welding investment


West Midlands-based sheet Metal Fabricators Grenville Engineering Ltd has recently acquired a Migatronic CoWelder, a cutting-edge automated machine that streamlines batch welding processes. 

The company says that this investment demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a leading position in precision engineering while freeing up production capacity for its busy welding department.

The CoWelder is easy to program and operate, resulting in optimised welding efficiency, uniformity, and quality. Additionally, the CoWelder has a 'teach' programme and records and repeats the operator's movements for unique templates. The machine welds workpieces faster than manual welding, thanks to its speed.

Sales Director Stuart Rawlinson said, "It's an exciting investment and will elevate the quality and speed of our production processes, ensuring we meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients."

With the integration of the Migatronic CoWelder into its operations, Grenville expects to meet and surpass the ever-evolving demands of its customers and partners. The company says that the investment signifies a pivotal moment for Grenville Engineering’s continued growth as a hub for innovative and forward-thinking engineering solutions. Watch this space, it says, for more investments in the pipeline.