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Positive mood at BTMA

03 Apr 2019 by Engineering Capacity

The BTMA’s recent general meeting at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry saw turned parts manufacturers come together to discuss the current state of business, share experience and network.

Nearly 50 members and technical members took part in the meeting, before having the opportunity to see for themselves the latest advances in additive manufacturing, machining, robotics and automation in the MTC’s advanced manufacturing development facility.

Making it big in art

03 Apr 2019 by Engineering Capacity

3D print bureau Fluxaxis took on a giant project when it produced a 1.2m high replica of a sculpture of David and Goliath.

The artwork was produced using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) on a Stratasys F900 machine.

Fluxaxis regularly works with artists on the type of big sculptures that form the centrepieces of stadia and public spaces, and few come bigger than the ‘David and Goliath’ piece it commissioned for sculptor Jam Sutton.

Precision engineering MD at KMF

03 Apr 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Precision sheet metal fabrication & machining group KMF has appointed  David Boughey as Managing Director for KMF Precision Engineering.

David brings with him 25 years of leadership experience and knowledge of the precision engineering industry. Starting his career as an apprentice at GEC, David has worked across varied blue-chip engineering organisations including MAN Diesels, Howden and Hayward Tyler.

Taking lights out into account

03 Apr 2019 by Engineering Capacity

A new development in PSL Datatrack’s Schedular module takes into account complex factors to show exactly what can be achieved in lights out running.

PSL Datatrack’s Scheduler module allows users to plan and maximise the production flow throughout an entire factory, by ensuring that jobs on the shop floor are correctly prioritised and the required materials are always available.

Digital innovation and disruption in focus

28 Mar 2019 by Engineering Capacity

The SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium will delve into opportunities in digital innovation across MedTech Automotive, Diversity and Disruptive Technology.
From 31 March to 2 April in Milan, SEMI will host discussions about Europe’s most relevant strategic, economic and social needs.