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3 Key Industry Trends

12 Nov 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Gary Sewell, General Manager at Clearwater Technology explores how manufacturers of all sizes can keep pace with three growing industry trends

Manufacturers face a range of growing challenges on a global level. Consumers are more demanding than ever before. Alongside increasing demands for more environmentally friendly products and production processes, manufacturers are tasked with delivering the best quality of product at a faster rate, as the likes of Amazon accelerate consumer supply expectations through their rapid last mile capabilities.

Bigger aircraft composites

12 Nov 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Rockwood Composites has increased its manufacturing capacity by 50%, mostly for large aircraft components.

The company has invested in a third large press which will enable it to produce more components up to a size of 2m by 1m, including aircraft interior door panels.

UV laser is up to the mark

12 Nov 2018 by ES Precision Ltd

A successful first year of trading has spurred ES Precision to invest in new ultraviolet (UV) laser technology.

ES now has eight laser systems using Vanadate, Nd:YAG, fibre and CO2 sources as well as the new frequency-tripled Vanadate UV source from Coherent-Rofin UK.

The company aims to be at the forefront of laser marking and fine drilling/cutting and says that no other subcontract marking specialist offers such a broad range of laser technologies.

Metrology uncoils customer benefits

07 Nov 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Advanced multi-sensor metrology is giving Adwin Spring’s customers more accurate parts more quickly.

Adwin Spring Co produces prototypes in both wire and flat materials, catering for a diverse client base - including some of the world’s largest companies - in both short-batch and large-volume productions.

However, when it found that traditional part-measurement methods were no longer fully satisfying the speed or accuracy needs of its growing customer base, it turned Derbyshire-based OGP UK to help address the challenge.

Demand taking off for NEMA

07 Nov 2018 by Engineering Capacity

North West aerospace supplier NEMA is targeting further growth after securing £2.3m sales and investing in a new CNC turning centre.

NEMA Ltd, which manufacturers motors, actuators and electromechanical assemblies for UTC Aerospace, BAE Systems and Airbus, has installed a Hardinge GS200 from ETG at its factory in Chichester Street in Rochdale.