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On-demand parts anodised

27 Mar 2019 by Engineering Capacity

On-demand manufacturer Protolabs is now offering an anodizing service on aluminium parts.

The rapid digital manufacturer has launched the new service in response to growing demand from customers looking for a single-source solution. Protolabs offers an on-demand production service that starts with initial part design and moves through to a finished protected or decorative part.

Securing cable clip work

27 Mar 2019 by Engineering Capacity

After making CB Cable Clips as subcontractor for 40 years Brandauer has now bought the company behind them in its first ever acquisition.

Brandauer, which is a specialist in metal pressings and stampings, has purchased CB Cable Clips in an undisclosed deal that will safeguard three jobs, create two new positions and see all customers, intellectual property (IP), stock and assets transferred over.

Welding for Britain

27 Mar 2019 by Engineering Capacity

A welding & fabrication apprentice from the WEC Group is set to represent the UK at WorldSkills Kazan 2019

Tyler Atkinson, the ‘Welding Superstar’ from Darwen-based WEC Group Ltd, has officially been announced to represent the United Kingdom in Construction Metal Work at the ‘Skills Olympics’ held later this year in Kazan, Russia.

Lower carbon transport

27 Mar 2019 by Engineering Capacity

A £50m facility for creating cleaner mobility, the Centre for Advanced Low-Carbon Propulsion Systems (C-ALPS), has opened in Coventry

An innovative collaboration between Coventry University and global engineering specialist FEV Group, the centre is looking to harness cutting-edge academic and commercial expertise to support the development of the next generation of electric, hybrid and combustion engines.

Lighting up a brilliant future

27 Mar 2019 by Engineering Capacity

A new source of X-rays, 1000 billion times brighter than those used in hospital radiography, will help scientists solve major problems facing our society.

The first components for the new ‘Extremely Brilliant’ source (EBS) – the world’s first, high-energy fourth-generation synchrotron light source – have been installed in its storage ring tunnel of the European Synchrotron in Grenoble (ESRF).