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High performance alloys added

30 Jan 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Protolabs has added high-performance Inconel and Maraging Steel alloys to its direct metal laser sintering offering for rapid prototyping and functional end-use parts with complex geometries.

Inconel 718

As a nickel-based heat resistant alloy, Inconel 718 is high strength, corrosion resistant and can be used at temperatures between -252°C and 704°C. Its high-temperature strength is derived from its ability to create a thick, stable passivating oxide layer at high temperatures, protecting the material from further attack.

Cobot tooling with carbon fibre

30 Jan 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Injection moulding specialist Rutland Plastics is using tough carbon fibre filled Nylon to 3D print tooling for collaborative robots.

Rutland Plastics, which produces parts for industries such as medical, consumer goods and utilities, has recently sourced a Stratasys Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber edition from SYS Systems, a UK platinum partner for Stratasys.

The East-Midlands-based business has employed in-house 3D printing since 2012, but its latest upgrade is allowing it to break new ground in collaborative robotics.

Praise from West Midlands Mayor

30 Jan 2019 by Engineering Capacity

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street praised A&M EDM’s dynamism and commitment as he commissioned equipment from a £750k investment.

This investment pushed the company to record sales of £6.1m in 2018, a 32 % increase on 2017, and covered CNC machinery and equipment.

This included a 5 Axis Hurco CNC machine, two spark eroders, Hitachi handheld analyser for alloy identification and Renishaw laser calibration to enable preventative maintenance of 22 CNC machining centres

Pushing additive to the max

30 Jan 2019 by Engineering Capacity

TWI Ltd is leading a new project that looks set to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing to allow for the printing of larger metallic components such as aircraft landing gear.

As a process, additive manufacturing has traditionally been held back by size, with components tending to be small additional components rather than large primary components and structures.

Cornish engineers show confidence

30 Jan 2019 by Engineering Capacity

WES Engineering Solutions, a Cornwall based precision engineering manufacturer specialising in tooling for the automotive industry is showing its confidence with a £200k investment in mill-turning capacity.

Launching into 2019, financing a £200k machinery investment in a period when the headlines are discussing challenging finances and a slowing of the UK’s economic growth, indicates WES’s success, commitment to their local workforce and UK manufacturing.