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Five-fold increase in critical components

07 Apr 2020 by Engineering Capacity

MRT Castings is pulling out all the stops to meet a five-fold increase in demand for die-cast, machined and painted components for critical care ventilators.

Within the past fortnight it has ordered and installed a new die-casting machine, put on extra shifts, recruited more staff and has two new machining centres due to arrive in a fortnight’s time.

MRT Managing Director Phil Rawnson says: “In the current crisis there are no lengths we haven’t considered in order to increase our capacity and our output for these essential components.”

Material quality key to lightweighting

06 Apr 2020 by Engineering Capacity

It is vital to maintain material quality if you want to stay on the right track for vehicle lightweighting, says Mikko Järvikivi of Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

Tough legislation on carbon emissions and fierce competition are causing rapid changes across the automotive supply chain. As CO2 emissions fall by 8.5g per 100km for each 100kg lost, cutting vehicle weight remains high on the agenda. Manufacturers are striving to get more out of every drop of fuel and, for EVs (electric vehicles), from a single charge.

Time off for toolmakers

06 Apr 2020 by Engineering Capacity

The directors of Gateshead-based TDX, which supplies services and tools to the thin-film plastic thermoforming industry, can now enjoy weekends off after it automated its machine shop.

The latest purchases have been a Japanese bar-fed turning centre and a German-built Hermle 5-axis machining centre with a 20-pallet storage system supplied by Kingsbury.

Moulder presses ahead

06 Apr 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Birmingham injection moulding and toolmaking company Barkley Plastics is investing £250,000 in new presses and robots.

The company, which employs 120 people at its Highgate facility in Birmingham, is currently celebrating 55 years of business. The increased capacity will help it to take on support new orders it has won in interior parts and lighting for the automotive sector.

Two times five axis

06 Apr 2020 by Engineering Capacity

The success of a twin-pallet five-axis machining centre at Hollygate Aircraft Components has led to the installation of a similar machine at sister company Victoria Production Engineering.

The two companies are both members of the Hyde Group, with Hollygate installing the Heckert HEC 800 X5 for machining titanium parts and Victoria using its machine on stainless steel.