Beyond Print – A Free & Innovative 3D Printing Event You Shouldn’t Miss

We are happy to announce that ActOn Finishing will be an event partner along with Ricoh 3D during the Beyond Print Event, taking place on 29 February 2024. We will showcase our surface finishing technology for 3d printing industry and offer technical support to everyone attending the event.

Here’s what to expect from this 3d printing event

Come and be part of the Beyond Print event at Ricoh UK Products Ltd, the hub of Ricoh 3D, on February 29, 2024. This exclusive gathering is tailored for our valued customers and partners. Immerse yourself in a vibrant ecosystem of collaborators and partners, discovering ways to leverage their 3d printing and post-processing expertise and service offerings for your benefit.

Beyond Print will offer technical deep dives, demos and a mini industry marketplace, with topics including DfAM, Scanning, 3D Printing, Optimisation, Post-Processing, Machine Sales, Parts Manufacturing, Software & Systems and more.

ActOn 3D Printing Post-processing Solutions

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is now an established technology for prototyping and production. Selecting the most suitable surface finishing technology is critical to prove the viability of components from a cost and functional standpoint. In an ideal world, surface finishing must be considered when designing components for AM to ensure the desired component and its characteristics can be achieved.

ActOn Finishing is at the forefront of revolutionising the additive manufacturing industry with its cutting-edge post-processing technology. Specialising in providing advanced solutions for refining 3D-printed components, we ensure a seamless transition from digital design to finished product. The state-of-the-art technologies we provide encompass a range of surface finishing processes, from deburring and polishing to surface texturing, resulting in enhanced aesthetics and performance of additively manufactured parts.

At ActOn we have worked closely with major manufacturers in the 3d printing industry to adapt and develop finishing solutions that meet their stringent requirements. Our expertise extends to a diverse array of materials, from metals to polymers, and a wide range of components.

With a commitment to delivering precision and quality, ActOn Finishing plays a pivotal role in elevating the overall standards of the additive manufacturing sector, offering comprehensive solutions for perfecting the final touches on 3D printed creations.

During the Beyond Print event you will have the opportunity to learn more about ActOn’s effective and fast post-processing solutions and participate in discussions about optimising your manufacturing process, as well as attend industry-specific seminars and presentations, where you will learn how to improve productivity, while maintaining product quality, without increasing the size of the shop floor. Moreover you will receive technical and educational content dedicated to real-world additive manufactured parts.

Beyond Print Partners and Speakers

Beside ActOn you will also have the opportunity to explore a diverse ecosystem of collaborators and partners from the additive manufacturing industry. Some of the confirmed partners include: AMFG, ToffeeX, Solid Applications Ltd, Measurement Solutions Limited, Laser Lines, Additive Manufacturing UK, AMT PostPro, Atomik AM and The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

As an attendee you will be able to:

  • Engage in conversations with these partners on overcoming challenges in the development and adoption of standards for additive manufacturing in the UK.
  • Explore strategies for advancing the skills agenda and amplifying additive manufacturing.
  • Listen to these insights and gain a glimpse into the envisioned future.
  • Find out more about how the Orthotic Research & Locomotor Assessment Unit (ORLAU) are using 3D printing to assist patient rehabilitation
  • Join the RICOH factory tour, including the first-ever official Metal Additive Manufacturing Customer Experience Centre formal demonstration