DIRAK enclosure door locking depth adjustment from FDB Panel Fittings

22 Dec 2020

News posted by Gary Miles

The new DIRAK height-adjustable door locking system from FDB Panel Fittings comprises knurled wheel adjustment devices which offer quick set up for depth of cams or rod systems to suit varying door depths or gasket pull down requirements.

The system allows specialist enclosure and cabinet builders to simplify their component inventory and enables quick adjustment to ensure correct operation for optimum door sealing and security.

The single point application fits quarter-turn locks or latches and swinghandles, while the multi-point application works with quarter turns and swinghandles – where it enables tool-less adjustment of rod actuators and rod guides to fit the correct door/frame depth.

Further information on the new height-adjustable door locking system from FDB can be found at www.fdbonline.co.uk/products/1-100-02-quarter-turn-with-square-threaded-rod. Information on FDB products and services may be found at: www.fdb.co.uk. Find the latest information and news on the FDB blog – www.fdbnews.co.uk.