EMKA Standard enclosure & panel products to suit specialist engineering sectors

Andy Billingham MD at EMKA (UK) recently described how they have historically developed industrial hardware for customer applications with high-quality standard and custom products in an application responsive process that has led them to take ownership of many technologies in-house. This, and the greatly varying environments and operating practices which they are called upon to meet, have encouraged focus of resources on niche applications from data centres to agriculture, specialist vehicles to rail and wider afield.

A good example is that of HVAC specialist panel hardware – in this case especially called for are heavy-duty vibration resistant latches, lift and turn latches, pull handles, pull with quarter turn and 180° hinges and P type gaskets. These may be provided in continuous sealed rings to ensure unbroken sealing, with minimal leaks. Further accessories include panel connectors and dual skin sealed portholes for easy inspection.

This focus on response to the needs of diverse industrial sectors results in a package of compression T handle latch/lock, or similar L handle or wing handle. These offer convenient quarter-turn operation with cylinder key lock, plus a full 6mm compression of the gasket, so guarding against spurious door opening under vibration conditions.

Heavy duty weld-on or bolt-on hinges with concealed fittings and removable hinge pins accommodate both the weight of large doors and the need to remove them quickly – factors which can also call for adjustable hinges. Sealing of these doors is often best facilitated by use of the 1011-09 right angle clip-on EPDM profile strip with integral D section to prevent ingress of liquids and solids.

This niche focus is deliberately replicated across other industrial sectors so that for high-end Biometric security there is an “at the door” Data Centre Biolock system for server racking which enables interested security engineers to see for themselves how the system works.

Railway and Commercial vehicle related products include compression locks and latches, safety latches with visual open/closed status indication, low profile flat design swinghandles, RIC compliant quarter turns, flush mounting quarter turns, floor-mounted latches, stainless steel components, protected latches for high-speed trains, special cams and escutcheons, safety hammers, slam locks, and deadbolts.

Gasket seals in EPDM, NBR and silicone are appropriate for use on specialist/general-purpose industrial enclosures and cabinets such as electrical and electronic housings, also for the arduous environments found in the food and agriculture industries. Sealing profiles are available for specialist vehicles used in sport and leisure, e.g., caravans, motor homes etc also for rescue and service vehicles, railway carriages, indoor and outdoor, offshore and underground which may require fire-resistant and EMF screening.

The time of making do with a basic and limited set of traditional style standard components is no longer the case since industrial hardware manufacturers now provide sophisticated materials and designs to suit specific customer niches – and, where required then the possibility to quickly adapt/develop new designs to suit.

Further information on EMKA products can be found on the EMKA website - www.emka.com. Readers can find the latest information and news on the EMKA blog – www.emkablog.co.uk or follow them on twitter - http://twitter.com/emkauk.