Cornish engineers show confidence

30 Jan 2019

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

WES Engineering Solutions, a Cornwall based precision engineering manufacturer specialising in tooling for the automotive industry is showing its confidence with a £200k investment in mill-turning capacity.

Launching into 2019, financing a £200k machinery investment in a period when the headlines are discussing challenging finances and a slowing of the UK’s economic growth, indicates WES’s success, commitment to their local workforce and UK manufacturing.

Daniel Hutchings, Group Operations Manager at WES says: “As key suppliers to the automotive industry, including Jaguar Land Rover, we know, more than most, the impact of today’s challenging climate. We are in a unique environment and yet our investment not only boosts our machining capabilities but is also an investment in skills. Growing world-class talent through our apprentice scheme with new machinery that our early engineers and our very best specialists can both utilise, enables us to deliver complex engineering solutions across every spectrum of industry we supply, as well as delivering new market opportunities.”

Achieving double digit growth in 2018 as well as expanding with three new apprentices and additional recruitment, WES have a 25-year heritage of working with some of the world’s toughest and rarest metals, manufacturing products for a wide range of global organisations including the aerospace, automotive and oil and gas industries.

James Gazzard, Group Commercial Manager of WES says: “The recent purchase of a highly advanced new CNC mill-turn machine is instrumental in increasing our productivity and efficiencies, strengthening our ability to work with some of the hardest materials on the planet, broadening our abilities across a wide-range of products and services as well as offering opportunities to diversify into new markets and enabling us to provide an even better service to our customers.”

Jon Hurrell, CEO of the Cornwall Manufacturers Group concludes: “Technology is reshaping the manufacturing industry and WES’s commitment, despite trade concerns, raw material price increases, supplier stockpiling issues and everything else surrounding Brexit, is an exceptional example of their commitment to manufacturing, reflecting their invaluable contribution to this global industry.”

The WES hardmetal engineering division specialises in the precision machining of some of the world’s hardest materials working with multi-national organisations within the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas industries.