Measuring up for efficient service

03 Jan 2019

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Investment in advanced metrology equipment at APT Leicester means a more efficient service for customers.

The Keyence IM-7070T Image Dimension Measurement technology system is a significant advance on conventional measuring devices – saving time, increasing productivity and producing consistent, accurate results. With newly developed features and user-friendly interface, it has never been easier for APT to carry out inspections on the products it manufactures.

The width, radius and height of a part can easily be measured at one time, regardless of the shape or size of the object. APT can now measure up to 99 dimensions in a matter of seconds, as well as allowing multiple components to be inspected on the expanded stage simultaneously. Together, this will reduce the time and effort required for the inspection of precision turned parts or CNC milled components.

The system features automatic orientation, positioning, focus adjustments, edge detection and the ability to save and manage measurement data instantly.

The Keyence IM-7030T will help quickly verify that APT’s machined components have been made to the exact specifications, accurately measuring crucial dimensions at a rapid rate.  This will increase productivity across the manufacturing process. APT Leicester’s customers will benefit from this immensely, with faster inspection times ensuring that parts and components are delivered more quickly than ever before, but to the same high standard that APT Leicester have always provided.

Operating to AS 9100 and ISO 9001 accreditations for all precision turned parts and CNC milled components, APT is proud of its expertise and of producing products of an outstanding quality, something which is integral to exceeding customer expectations. Offering full traceability and tracking of the products it makes throughout the entire process gives APT’s clients peace of mind when ordering from them.

Nick Baller, Managing Director at APT, said: “This new Image Dimension Measurement system by Keyence has given APT the ability not only to check a part more quickly but it gives us an auditable history of measurements and SPC results if required. This data is also offered to our customers if required, resulting in total transparency.”

The IM-7030T will ensure APT exceed the expectations it is held to regarding subcontract manufacturing. The company manufactures subcontract parts for many industries across the engineering sector, including automotive, security and aerospace.

With over 60 years’ experience, APT offers a comprehensive subcontract machining services for quality precision turned parts and multi-axis CNC machined components. It works in a range of exotic materials as well as ferrous steels, high temperature alloys, aluminium and plastics.

APT guarantees full traceability of its products and can also offer surface treatments and component assembly, as well as design advice.