A ‘model’ for maintaining quality

08 Mar 2021

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

G&P, which provides quality management services to the manufacturing industry has developed a model and system that allows it to drive and support the quality management process, identifying problems in real-time allowing manufacturers and suppliers to respond much quicker.

The company says its Quality Excellence Model has helped manufacturing customers, including automotive and aerospace OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, to improve efficiency and quality levels, which in turn reduced waste by more than £2.5bn in one year alone.

Further analysis of the system’s use shows that in just 12 months it prevented more than 21.4 million substandard parts from entering the supply chain or being turned into waste, supporting the drive for improved performance, reputation and quality standards among G&P’s customers.

At the heart of G&P’s Quality Excellence Model is its proprietary QTrak system. This is a sophisticated project management software tool which allows real-time analysis and identification of quality issues.

As QTrak provides instantaneous results, it allows problematic supply sources to be investigated without delay, parts contained and corrective action to be deployed to prevent further defective components from being produced.

Specifically, the Quality Excellence Model enables high-value manufacturing organisations to manage complex supply chains and control costs, while giving these companies on-demand access to the resources and expertise they need for both reactive and proactive management of supplier quality, together with their own in-house quality, quickly and cost-effectively.

It also facilitates sustainable long-term quality improvement, by enabling manufacturers and their suppliers the ability to rapidly identify the root-cause of quality problems and take decisive action to permanently eliminate them.

Strategically the Quality Excellence Model has enabled a fundamental shift in G&P’s relationship with its customers.

G&P is increasingly seen as a strategic partner, often with sole responsibility for the management of inbound component quality and the response to quality issues, including through the deployment of quality engineers.