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10 Jan 2018

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

A student placement scheme at APT in Leicester aims to support the brightest of tomorrow's aerospace engineers - the latest to join is Sam Down, who is studying Engineering at the Sir Frank Whittle Studio School in Lutterworth.

The school is a progressive and dynamic place to learn, it focuses on both academic and work-related education in keeping with APT’s emphasis on work-based training for its own engineers.

Named in his honour and inspired by the work of Sir Frank Whittle, the inventor of the turbojet engine, the school specialises in engineering and develops the students’ self-reliance and determination to succeed in the work place. Sam has a particular interest in pursuing a career in either aerospace or automotive.

Aged 16, he applied for a placement with APT knowing that it would nurture his interest in these sectors. Sam joined APT in October and during his placement he will be able to work in every department on the site. He has already had the opportunity to learn about turned parts as well as inspection and quality control systems. Sam has also been marking parts for the aerospace sector.

He is looking forward to help designing components with the latest CAD modelling software and seeing how raw materials are selected and parts are produced. The aerospace products APT manufacture can be found in a wide variety of equipment, from planes landing gear to emergency breathing apparatus.

Outside of his Level 3 B-Tech studies, Sam is a keen and determined sportsman, swimming at county level and enjoying a friendly game of football. He has always been interested in cars and how things work. The experience at APT has confirmed to him that he wants to pursue a career in engineering and that he can turn something that he has a passion for into a full-time job. His placement experience has made him want to follow the apprenticeship route.

This is Sam’s first work placement and he has been surprised at the variety of products that APT makes, the wide range of raw materials used and the extensive knowledge of all their engineers. APT not only supplies the aerospace industry but manufactures parts for the oil & gas, medical and security. He has been made to feel a valued member of the team and enjoys the welcoming attitude of the people who work here, “They have all made me feel so comfortable”.

APT says that running this placement scheme is a perfect fit with its ethos: all its engineers go on a 4-year in house training scheme. It believes that its engineers should be an expert in every aspect of the manufacturing process and APT’s comprehensive work placement scheme reflects this. It is important to the company to be able to offer a realistic insight into an engineering career for young students and to inspire the brightest future talent.


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