FDB Panel Fittings Cams for quarter turns and L/T handles to suit different depths of door frame

FDB have told us that they consider in specifying a lock mechanism it is often an undervalued task to select the correct cam to match the depth of door frame. This is clearly vital to ensuring an appropriate degree of sealing and is a significant component in producing the operational “feel” when closing a door.

Enclosures, cabinets and inspection/access panels are an important protective layer for both humans and equipment - so correct lock fitment is “key” to operation and longevity.

The selection of ex-stock cams available from the Panel Fittings Online store make this task more straightforward. Matching the offset of a cam with the lock body length is crucial to success of any enclosure installation – a process that Panel Fittings ease for customers by offering their Rocfast assembly/logistics program. This process includes the ability to consult their experienced technical sales team to generate the right specification for each customer project. The follow up of lock assembly and delivery greatly simplifies supply of correctly specified and assembled units to production or on-site fitting.

Further information on cams for quarter turns and L/T handles to suit different depths of door frame available from FDB Panel Fittings can be found at www.fdbonline.co.uk/collections/locks-and-lock-components/cam. Information on FDB products and services may be found at: www.fdb.co.uk. Find the latest information and news on the FDB blog – www.fdbonline.co.uk/blogs/news, or follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/fdbpanelfitting - also see www.youtube.com/fdbpanelfittings.