A look at the STT-26 Submersible Temperature Transmitter

This feature-rich transmitter has been designed for a multitude of applications including being permanently submersed in liquids and suspended by its cable making installation very simple.

The STT-26 fully submersible temperature transmitter uses a PT100 class B thermometer, interfaced with internal electronics to produce a scalable analogue output signal, which as well as being fully submersible, delivers some additional benefits as we will see.

The power supply required is 10 – 30V dc. A 4-20mA / 2-wire configuration means that there is no limit on the cable length so these will work over thousands of meters of cable without any signal loss.

Furthermore, there are three standard configurations available to help match your application and environment:

  • STT-26-SP: 316 Stainless Steel housing and PUR cable
  • STT-26-MT: CA104 Marine Bronze housing and TPE-U cable
  • STT-26-NT: CA104 Monel alloy 400 housing and TPE-U cable

STT-26-SP Stainless Steel for drinking water application

This stainless-steel submersible temperature transmitter is perfect for use with drinking water applications.

When monitoring the temperature of potable water (surface and groundwater treated to meet the requirements for human consumption), construction materials are carefully considered. The installed product must ensure the taste or smell of the drinking water remains unaffected and does not promote the growth of microorganisms. Using a high grade of 316 Stainless Steel, PUR cable with WRAS approved granules, and elastomer seals on the waterproof construction guarantee, the product will comply with the safety requirements.

STT-26-MT Marine Bronze for seawater application

This marine bronze submersible temperature transmitter is perfect for use in seawater.

Seawater is more corrosive than freshwater so the materials used will need to survive in the environment without deteriorating. CA104 Marine bronze is one material that will last a lifetime in seawater despite the chloride content and oxygen availability, especially in varying temperatures that increase aggression. The cable sheath made from TPE-U is a robust thermoplastic with excellent abrasion resistance and long-term seawater compatibility. The STT-26-MT will keep measuring the temperature reliably and indefinitely using these materials.

STT-26-NT Monel Alloy 400 for seawater application

Unlike the SP and MT configurations, this nickel-copper alloy submersible temperature transmitter is perfect for use in corrosive environments.

MONEL® nickel-copper alloy 400 (UNS N04400/W.Nr. 2.4360 and 2.4361) is a solid-solution alloy with high strength and toughness over a wide temperature range and excellent resistance to many corrosive environments, in particular cold seawater which is typical for deep seawater applications. MONEL® 400 does not become brittle like other ferrous materials at low temperatures. The cable sheath made from TPE-U is a robust thermoplastic with excellent abrasion resistance and long-term seawater compatibility.

Adjustability at the click of a button

These submersible temperature transmitters are the latest technology and fully adjustable, ready for the connected world. The internal electronics enable the user to program the measurement range down the output wires and connect by USB to a PC/Laptop. The “USB Config MKII” plugs into the PC/Laptop, powers the sensor and enables communications to the free software for defining the temperature range, output scaling and other features of the sensor behaviour.

Fully submersible transmitter tested to 100m depth (10 bar pressure)

One final benefit of the STT-26 temperature transmitter is that it has been tested in a sealed pressure chamber filled with water and pressurised to 10 bar, equivalent to 100m depth of water. This extreme testing was to ensure the design is watertight and provides confidence that the product, once installed, is a fit and forget solution and will continue to transmit temperature reliably which reduces your long-term maintenance and the subsequent associated costs when compared to other less superior products.

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