New from FDB Panel Fittings - DIRAK IP65 swinghandle for flat rod systems

23 Mar 2020

News posted by Gary Miles

The new DIRAK 3-149 swinghandle from enclosure hardware specialists FDB Panel Fittings is a low-profile IP65 locking handle which facilitates fitment of flat rod multi-point closure systems.

The swinghandle/flat rod approach especially suits larger door cabinets which need the additional rigidity which they can offer to the door structure in its closed condition, thus aiding sealing and security.

These flat rod systems enable 2 or 3-point closure – even 4 or 5-point and more, by virtue of multiple brackets at intermediate points along each rod. This new 3-149 swinghandle provides pop-out handle operation with 1333 keyed lock cylinder for RH or LH mounting and incorporating an optional integral earthing clip.

Further information on the new DIRAK 3-149 swinghandle from FDB Panel Fittings can be found at www.fdbonline.co.uk/products/352-2165-00-00004-swinghandle. Further information on FDB products and services may be found at: www.fdb.co.uk. Find the latest information and news on the FDB blog – www.fdbnews.co.uk.