Qimtek Launches New Feature for Easier Quote Downloads and Project Management

Leading online manufacturing marketplace, Qimtek, has launched a new feature to make sourcing and project management even easier for the thousands of buyers using the platform. The new feature allows buyers to download quotes, accompanying documents, and a comparison spreadsheet all in one place. This means that buyers no longer have to search through multiple emails for their quotes, saving them time and effort.

Qimtek's new feature was developed in response to feedback from over 200 industry buyers, with 92% expressing a desire for all quotes and documents to be in one place that they could download from within the platform. By providing this feature, Qimtek has further streamlined the sourcing process for buyers, making it quicker and simpler to access the information they need.

In addition to the improved quote download functionality, the new feature also offers access to in-depth supplier profiles complete with photos and videos, as well as the ability to message suppliers directly with technical questions. This will provide buyers with all the information they need to make informed decisions when selecting suppliers and awarding projects.

"We are thrilled to be launching this new feature, which will make it even easier for our buyers to manage their sourcing projects," said Sandii Smith, Membership Manager at Qimtek. "By providing a comprehensive platform that includes everything from quote downloads to supplier profiles and direct messaging, we are making it simpler and quicker for buyers to find the right suppliers and award their projects."

The new feature will be available to all Qimtek buyers from Thursday 27th April, providing them with a more streamlined and efficient sourcing process. With everything in one place, Qimtek continues to provide a comprehensive sourcing platform for all your needs