Single-factor, Multi-factor - front door, rear door linked data cabinet security from EMKA UK

29 Jan 2019

News posted by Andy Billingham

EMKA announce single and multi-factor authentication for linked front and back cabinet doors in data storage environments. Their “at the handle” db BioLock fingerprint authentication can be used on its own for biometric level security, or may be coupled with other components to incorporate keycard, RFID, smartcard and/or PIN inputs to provide seamless access control across a complete enterprise.

Where rear-door security is required, then the cabinet may be fitted with the db ELock which installs on the rear door and works in conjunction with the front door lock to simultaneously unlock the back door once authentication is completed at the front. It may also be used to unlock front/rear doors in end-of-row configurations using the EMKA db Enline.

The BioLock and ELock offer compatibility with third-party systems and cabinets for retro-fit security enhancements to deliver an indisputable audit trail so that customers may manage their access points around the world and monitor them in real time from a single platform.

Further information on biometric products from EMKA can be found at www.emkablog.co.uk/electronic-biometric-locking/. Readers can find the latest information and news on the EMKA blog – www.emkablog.co.uk or follow them on Twitter - http://twitter.com/emkauk.